Who would have thought that there was so much corruption and conspiracy involved in wind farms and green energy? Three diverse and unexpected characters discover just how crooked the Energreen company actually is in this stylish Danish drama. Mads (Thomas Bo Larsen) is an obsessive police officer that is hell-bent of uncovering the secrets of Energreen. Claudia (Natalie Madueño) is young and ambitious and stumbles onto a discovery that lands her as Head of Legal at Energreen. Nicky (Esben Smed Jensen) is a mechanic that just wants more for his family. All the things he desires are out of his financial reach so he immerses himself into a criminal network with critical consequences. These three characters have little to no interaction but they are heavily connected without them knowing it. The man who links these people together is Alexander Sødergren (Nikolaj Lie Kaas) or Sander. Manipulative, cold and emotionless; Sander is the CEO of the energy company shrouded in deception and spilt blood.Follow-the-Money_





The concept of Follow the Money is a hard sell. On paper it is a detective drama about fraud and that isn’t overly exciting to notion to bring audiences back each week. However don’t adopt the assumption that this will bore you. Quite the opposite in fact as it’s so much more than just a drama about businessmen with far too much money. From the first episode to the conclusion, Follow the Money oozes a strong sense of believability. Each character is relatable in some way. Anyone can connect with ambition, success and nobility; three traits shared by Mads, Claudia and Nicky respectively. Although it is a theme, murder is not key to the story development, which is refreshing to see from a crime drama. It’s the drive from the characters and their development that really pushes this plot along. The pacing of Follow the Money is excellent, feeding the audience just enough to keep the yearning for the next segment at each conclusion. It is during episode five that the writers decide to pick up the pace. The character development increases as the dishonesty of Energreen unfolds.
Thomas Hwan og Thomas Bo Larsen. Foto: Christian Geisnæs.

The supporting roles are well delivered and received. As the lead protagonists are all rather intense, Alf (Thomas Hwan) and Bimse (Lucas Hansen) are there for comedic effect. Utilised in bringing Mads and Nicky back to earth or reality when they become a bit irate. Overall the collective actors have been well selected for each role. Thomas Bo Larsen has some especially erratic eye acting that suit Mads down to the ground. Claes Ljungmark is another wonderful addition to the cast as the character P. His older, warming appearance completely contradicts his psychotic tendencies as a well-trained hitman.

Follow the Money is a fantastic and gripping ten part series. It’s sexy, seductive and chaotic without revealing absolutely everything until the very end. Mostly spoken in Danish (as you’d expect from a Danish drama) but there are a few bits of English and French thrown into the mix. The subtitles don’t take away from the action at all so don’t let that put you off. I highly recommend watching Follow the Money…but not with your kids.


Dir: Jannik Johansen, Søren Balle, Per Fly, Søren Kragh-Jacobsen

Scr: Jeppe Gjervig Gram, Jannik Tai Mosholt, Anders Frithiof August, Tobias Lindholm

Cast: Thomas Bo Larsen, Natalie Madueño, Esben Smed Jensen, Nikolaj Lie Kaas

Prd: Anders Toft Andersen, Sandra Foss, Piv Bernth 

Music: Tobias Wilner

Country: Denmark

Year: 2016

Running time: 60 mins per episode

Follow the Money is out now on DVD and Blu-Ray from Nordic Noir