Odonis Odonis

Industrial-synth trio, Odonis Odonis just shared an earthquake of a new track, ‘Need’ off their appropriately named new album Post Plague due out June 17th via Felte. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, the band have come off the high of their first album Hard Boiled Soft Boiled and are ready to deliver a powerful blend of electronica and SciFi.

Of the new track, the band says,

“‘Needs’ is the song that caused our band to snap, let go of the past and progress as something new. The world is quickly becoming a cold place to live. Narcissism has reached an all time high. This song confronts this new climate. How far are you willing to go at someone else’s expensive? When communication is no longer face to face it gets easier to step on people on the way to the top.”

As mentioned in a recent press release about the upcoming album, “Jeff Goldblum, in the acclaimed motion picture The Fly, reminds us that we must take a ‘deep penetrating dive into the plasma pool,’ and take stock of ourselves before we lose something profound.”

Encapsulating an air of vulnerability and self-honesty, Post Plague is the dark mirror at which you’ve been avoiding to look. Get ready for your brain to vibrate.

Listen to this post-apocalyptic jammer below.

By Jaclyn O'Connell

Jaclyn is an equal opportunity pizza lover, and lives in the States (right outside DC) with her husband. She's also VultureHound's Music Editor, so that's cool.