Unique. VŌDŪN is just plain unique, in the truest sense of the word. From their band name to their music, to the way they thrash around in their video for ‘Mawu’, they are unlike any band you’ve come across, or will come across. Lead singer Oya (aka Chantal Brown – ex-Do Me Bad Things & member of Chrome Hoof) tears through sonic barriers like no other, and the band offers an entirely new take on the meaning of “afro-punk”. Lucky for us, this badass trio took the time to put together one of the most varied playlists we’ve ever heard. Check out what the band picked and why below, and be sure to pick up their new album, Possession out now via Riff Rock Records.

OGOUN (drums):
Die Antwoord – ‘Fatty Boom Boom’

The Melvins – ‘Psychodelic Haze’
Been teaching this song to a lot of my students lately as its great for practicing triplet fills along to. Great groove.

CocoRosie – ‘Lost Girls’
So beautifully poetic.

Against Me! – ‘Black Me Out’
I have a lot of time for this band and for Laura Jane Grace. This is a great song for when you are pissed off at the world.

OYA (vocals):
Hailing from Nigeria with big Yoruba influences, Keziah blends some of the best parts of Parliament Funk, Curtis Mayfield and Prince in this song. I’ve also been told that he has a slap bass style of playing his guitar. Very interesting.

Willis Ear Beal – ‘Too Dry To Cry’
Oozing nothing but the soul of the blues, Willis has a great stripped down sound on modern day blues. He spent some time being homeless in the States, and is an artist of many crafts, including illustration.

Melt Yourself Down – ‘The God Of You’
MYD have been around for years, although I’ve just been introduced to them. A real great mix of Afrojazz, punk and heavy on the horns.

Lea Lea – ‘The Drum of Death’
Lea Lea has a great tribal rhythm running under this song. I really like her vocal styling and the mix of electro rock. The video is great too.

THE MARASSA (guitar):
God Damn – ‘Vultures
God Damn never disappoint when it comes to live shows. Thom was voted 2nd best new guitarist by Total Guitar magazine in December 2015. He sure knows how to milk the very best tone out of one guitar using his 3 x Orange amp set up.

Truckfighters – ‘Desert Cruiser’
Again, Truckfighters are one of the best live bands. I caught them for the first time at The Underworld in Camden where they played a packed, steaming hot set. Big fuzz, great riffs!

Joe Bonnamassa – ‘Different Shades of Blue’
Joe is currently one of my favourite guitarists. His ability to pour his heart out through his fingertips and his control over his guitar are something I strive to do in my own playing.

Turbowolf – ‘Let’s Die’
Let’s Die is constantly on my currently listening playlist. It never fails to change your mood to make you instantly want to jump up and bounce off the walls.

By Jaclyn O'Connell

Jaclyn is an equal opportunity pizza lover, and lives in the States (right outside DC) with her husband. She's also VultureHound's Music Editor, so that's cool.