After a break of 4 years since his last album Overgrown Path, Chris Cohen has finally brought out the news that a new album was finished. As If Apart is set to be released on the 6th of May, and acts as a wonderful return to the music scene after his four year break. Fans will be delighted to know that, even after his absence, Chris has made sure to continue with his usual indie, psychedelic vibe on this earthy toned collection of songs.

Torrey Pine emphasizes a relaxed theme that Chris displays in many of his songs. The style works extremely well through its entrancing ensemble of acoustic guitar and vocals, making relaxation feel blissfully chilled rather than lazy. Torrey Pine contains more of an instrumental element, where we hear en ensemble of different instruments but this simply proves how much work has gone into the album in order to make it the masterpiece that it is. The effectiveness of this as a released single easily draws in listeners and foreshadows what else is to come in terms of style and vibe.

The beat starts to quicken in As If Apart where we get an almost jazzy, blues-esque vibe through the fast beat of the snare drum and energetic guitar riffs. The heart of this song is its masterful use of pacing; the music quickens to create a climatic experience, then slowly calms down to ring in the chorus again. Features like this emphasise the musical talent found in Chris’s music and the atmosphere that can be created through his songs. Music should be an experience and Chris has most certainly given listeners a wonderful one.

The atmosphere is suddenly a lot calmer in songs like Memory. We get more of a psychedelic vibe here, yet also a soothing indie vibe found in the slow, sleepy acoustic guitar in the background. Chris’s calming vocal continues this peaceful vibe, creating a warm atmosphere to make it most certainly a relaxing song to listen to. Songs that can easily employ atmosphere like this, to me, are a stylistic feature that every great artist has. It’s clear that the ongoing style that Chris wanted to show on this album has worked in his favour.

The album has a number of stylistic changes, which many might feel is a risky move after such a prolonged absence. As If Apart, however, proves that this was not the case, making for a beautifully tranquil collection of psychedelic-indie magic.