Norwegian artist Susanna is a little bit like a more operatic Lorde. If that hasn’t put you off (which hopefully it hasn’t), then you’ll dig her darkly anthemic new single ‘Hole’ and its moodily atmospheric video.

It’s one of those tracks that we all know and love, which is one that holds its head high in an upbeat notion while being born of despairing darkness. It’s video also feels a little bit like Sia’s Chandelier, except a bit moodier (which in many ways summarises the song). Choppy cuts and dimly lit shots accentuate the darker elements of Susanna’s lyrical melancholy, even if the beat stirs up a good feeling.

Can’t help question why the dancers aren’t wearing bras though…

‘Hole’ is the lead single from Susanna’s upcoming album Triangle, which is set for release on April 22, 2016 via SusannaSonata.

By Tom Roden

Prolific writer, full-time insomniac and caffeine-blooded workaholic. Music deputy editor and quality control officer for VultureHound.