Sadly we missed first band Beach Weather, but judging by the atmosphere in the early evening crowd they went down a treat. Second up for the audience, and first band to shoot for me was This Wild Life.

Having missed out on the guys at this years Slam Dunk Festival I was recommended to go away and give them a listen, which I did. And continued to do every day between then and now. This Wild Life are a heartfelt acoustic punk duo and this performance came with great anticipation from me. With zero fanfare, the two guys wandered onto the stage, picked up their guitars, set themselves up and then just began to play.DSC_0121 DSC_0145The excited crowd finally quietened as they hit into first track ‘History’, the sound is very soft and subtle yet so punchy and powerful- revenance in the big noisy Rock City room is hard to achieve; especially with only two acoustic guitars, but This Wild Life were truly moving. Due to the type of crowd the best received sing of the set was the cover of Bring Me The Horizon‘s hit ‘Sleepwalking’, with the crowd singing and swaying along to every note, the moment was quite poignant.DSC_0056 DSC_0153But for me the performance ended on a high with my favourite song ‘Concrete’, opening lines “I’ve got feet like concrete, and a head like lead” I can truly associate. The song calls for guitarist Anthony to switch from guitar to drums two thirds of the way through the song, an impressive and exciting transition, which gave the duo a great finale and left the crowd on an inspired high.


DSC_0367As It Is are so happy. No matter how good a mood you’re in, stood in a room with them you feel like Eeyore. Filling the stage and room with joy; As It Is have an unrivalled energy and seem to love performing. They’re so sweet and fun, the crowd gluttonously eat up every song. They’re one of modern Pop Punk’s finest, and I think their talent and obsessive fandom will carry them to further great success.DSC_0351

Sleeping With Sirens know how to put on a show. Introducing themselves to the stage one by one, the five guys ran on greeting the crowd and then hit straight into first song ‘Don’t say anything’. Frontman of the band, Kellin Quinn is doubtlessly the reason for the bands success, he’s a young fangirls dream, but on the stage with his guys beside him he puts any pretty boy rumours to shame. Sleeping With Sirens create a wall of sound, a truly captivating, mesmerising layered full sound at that. And Kellin really is a star, he performs in a way all of his own, and his voice is spectacular, so individual and recognisable. DSC_0652Honestly, in my mind a rock band having a young fanbase loses them some credit; somehow screaming girls seem to detract from authenticity. But I’ve decided, it’s not their fault who their fans are, and it turns out todays kids actually have great taste! They’re excited, and one hundred percent supportive.
DSC_0659 DSC_0649 DSC_0560 DSC_0485Sleeping With Sirens are a band I believe anyone can enjoy live, and they’re playing Reading and Leeds this year; I’m counting down the days until I see them again.