Save the Cat – The Perfect Guy (DVD Review)

***spoilers ahead

The Perfect Guy; a story about the darker side of love and obsession. After a break up Leah meets Carter and believes he is “the perfect guy” but the more she gets to know him the more she finds out that maybe there just isn’t such a thing.

Although somewhat predictable, this is a reasonably engaging film. Michael Ealy who plays Carter manages to pull off the perfect guy with such ease. When you are first introduced to the character you do feel like he is this charming man who has come to sweep Leah off her feet but he manages to bring a certain sinister edge to the character that does make you start to question if he is really all he is cracked up to be.

Michael Ealy and Sanaa Lathan star in Screen Gems' THE PERFECT GUY.

Some of the things that Carter does are indeed very creepy. They do seem to be straight out of the guide on “how to stalk successfully and are therefore predictable”. One such event was right in the beginning of the film, Leah gets locked out and uses a key that is hidden in a prop that looks like a rock in her garden. It is obvious that later on that rock is going to be used as a means for breaking and entering and sure enough it doesn’t disappoint. It takes quite a while before the police and Leah realise the rock key is used though and it can make you lose a bit of respect for her as it is something that was very easy to figure out.

It also seems odd that you are introduced to a cat that has never been mentioned before and it becomes obvious that the cat is going to be used as part of the plot-line. This is due to the fact that when you are meant to learn that something is amiss or is going to be vital to the story, the camera lingers on that object/person for a little longer than it should. Therefore adding the predictability, steering the story in a direction you see coming. Camera direction is a good way to engage with the audience but for purposes of suspense it does seem that some of the scenes should have been edited to end a few seconds earlier than they did.


Sanaa Lathan plays the victimised Leah very well and you do get the genuine impression she is very scared and is pushed to the end of her limits. Morris Chestnut who plays Leah’s boyfriend Dave is also a great actor and goes from being a character you don’t like very much in the beginning to one that you respect. You do find yourself routing for their relationship to work out.

Overall the film is a good story about obsession and does have some certain creepy qualities to it but because Michael Ealy pulls of the creepiness so well it does become predictable and you see him becoming the less than perfect guy very quickly on, so you don’t really gain the compassion for Leah that you should. Partly because you feel if the audience can see there is something off with him then why cant she. It is however a good watch, just a bit too stalker clichéd.

3 / 5

Dir: David M. Rosenthal

Scr: Tyger Williams 

Cast: Sanna Lathan, Micheal Ealy, Morris Chestnut

Prd: Michael Ealy, Glenn S. Gainor, Sanna Lathan

Music: Dave Fleming, Atli Örvarsson

Country: US

Year: 2015

Runtime: 96 mins


The Perfect Guy is available on DVD and Digital now.