Each week, we’ll take a retrospective look on albums which we think are either criminally underrated or woefully overrated, and why they actually rock/suck.

The first album which we think deserves a second chance is Daisychain Reaction, the debut album by Poster Children released in 1991 via Twin/Tone Records. Not only are the Illinois indie-rockers massively underrated as a whole, the seven (maybe eight at a push) people who’ve heard of the band don’t give this album anywhere near enough credit.

At the time of its release, Rolling Stone gave the album a stingy 2/5 star rating which did them no favours in trying to build a fanbase. But that rating makes no sense. If you tried to explain to someone what the best bits of 90s indie rock sounded like, you’d be describing this album. It’s like Pavement with cojones.

There are super catchy pop-punk sugar rushes (‘Cancer’); immensely hummable guitar riffs (‘Love’); epic, aggressive quasi-metal tracks (‘Dee’) and even patient slow-burners (‘Where We Live’). The great thing about this album is how it doesn’t limit itself to be indie-rock either. The title track could be from a British shoegaze band and ‘Space Gun’ makes prog-rock feel propulsive. And, all this isn’t to say they haven’t mastered indie rock, too. They nail the loud-quiet song dynamics made famous by Pixies in ‘If You See Kay’ (complete with Black Francis-esque screaming). Granted, the title of the last one is a bit juvenile, but surely we can excuse the odd dud song name when Paul McCartney has an album called Kisses on the Bottom?!

For anyone that loves, likes, or even has a passing appreciation of guitar based indie rock, I urge you to check out Daisychain Reaction.

Click here to listen to the album or, even better, click here to buy it.