Opening┬áband, Exeter based Idiom, do a great job of warming up an audience still dripping wet from the storm outside (although sadly I arrived too late to capture this on camera). Playing a collection of songs that sound like a Rage Against The Machine inspired metalcore sound, Idiom had the crowd eating from their sweaty palms and chanting the bands lyrics back at them leaving me to ponder why they weren’t higher on the bill.

sanguine vh

Up next, Sanguine seemed like an anti-climatic segment of the evening with a brand of electronic tinged female fronted metal that at times bordered between Nightwish and Mindless Self Indulgence. Despite an apt cover of American Head Charge‘s Loyalty (considering they were filling in for them), the rest of their material washed over me regrettably as a forgettable act despite a notably vigorous showing from their guitarist.

mushroomhead vh 1

With being a bunch of guys in masks (but yeah, not Slipknot), Mushroomhead have always seemed to have the potential to be somewhat of a guilty pleasure. Tonight however, they performed a guilt free performance of nostalgic pleasure. Glow in the dark paint, water drums, guest appearances and strangely, a Prince cover all occurred during an appearance most notable for the charismatic energy of the percussionists that was lapped up by the crowd with customary devil horns an ever present throughout the set. While Mushroomhead have seemed forever in Slipknots shadow, this show proved that their Faith No More inspired metal has the potential to move the band beyond the restraints that their appearance gives them. If you’re thinking about seeing Mushroomhead on their current UK tour, stop thinking, just go.

mushroomhead vh

By Craig Taylor-Broad

Craig is a photographer more than a writer which is strange because he used to spend a lot of time telling people that he was a jack of all trades and master of none.