The International Women’s Day Exhibition showcases the wealth and talent of local artists in East Sussex. The exhibition celebrates artists who portray confident female figures in their work, such as Alice in Wonderland by Sarah Gilling, and a set of beautiful ballet dancers by ANT FOX. Brighton’s own version of the affordable art fair will be taking place at Brighthelm Community Centre on Thursday 31st March between 5 and 7pm. There will be delectable art, nibbles and wine on offer.

3rd Dancer by ANTFOX

The ballet dancers are reminiscent of Degas’ dancers. Born in Paris in 1834, Edgar Degas spent a lot of time at the Opera Ballet in Paris, and produced hundreds of pictures of ballet dancers, both on stage and at their toilette. Ant Fox was born in the Midlands in 1969. Due to his poor eyesight he began to take fuzzy, mental snapshots of the world, which he scribbled onto paper to help him clarify the blurred scenes around him. Ant now produces art from his studio in Hove, East Sussex.

Alison Landridge enjoys painting naturalistic watercolours of animals. She is drawn to butterfly wings and dragon flies with their iridescent colours. She likes the curious expressions of birds and enjoys painting the details of their pretty plumage. Her barn owl appears to have a wise expression and the pink flamingo looks slightly devious with its reddish eyes.

Midnight Picnic by Natalie Edge Cowley
Midnight Picnic by Natalie Edge Cowley

Natalie Cowley creates beautiful ethereal images that have an otherworldly feel to them. She is a Brighton based artist and photographer, who loves to explore and experiment with her craft. The Midnight picnic was inspired by an unusual dream. According to the artist,’ I do a lot of illustrations inspired by dreams. They are usually rather bizarre. I dreamt that I was having a gothic midnight picnic outside this huge manor house and jellyfish were floating above us.’

Other featured artists include Christine Alford, Sarah Gilling, Tony Hammond, Judi Thomas, Ann- Marie Hughes, Harry Halpin, Lucy Lebroque, Anya Zervudachi and Rod Yarrow. This unique exhibition brings together some of the most talented artists in Brighton.


The event runs until 3rd April.