HECK - Kimberley Bayliss

Heck – Instructions (Album Review)

Marathon became Snickers, Opal Fruits became Starburst and Baby Godzilla became HECK and what could have killed the Nottingham band has only served to make them stronger and in reality assess the future of the band and potentially force their hand. This forced hand has lead to HECK’s long awaited début album Instructions.

In the last few years HECK have created a genre of hardcore that is akin to performance art, with their live show an immersive and audience participatory affair. I honestly asked myself if that energy, passion and sheer bollocks could implement itself on to a record – but lets get things straight, it completely does!

Instructions opens just as you’d have expected, and doesn’t really slow down; although track ‘Don’t Touch That Dial’ does break down a little, but you get the point. A lot of bands who’ve been building a début album would be potentially tempted to fill it with tracks from previous EPs but, bar single ‘The Breakers’ and Baby Godzilla era track ‘The Great Hardcore Swindle’, this album is super fresh. To say that ‘Good As Dead’ sets the tone isn’t really accurate, because there isn’t really a tone. Every track on Instructions is different yet clearly has that HECK blood running through it.

It is difficult to write a review of a bands album when you’ve spent the last two years being a fan of the band, having seen the band play a whole host of venues and festivals. Without seeming like a suck-up or a fan boy, Instructions is what you expected it to be – awesome noise that leaves you craving more and worrying if you can ever be happy listening to anything other than this album ever again. If you are a HECK fan already, this is the album you deserve!

Now I’m off to listen to the album some more before the album launch show on Friday March 11!