Tadhg Daly

Up-and-coming folk artist, Tadhg Daly, is set to release is debut EP, Taghazout, and has graciously put together a guest playlist for VultureHound. 

Born and raised in Jersey with Irish heritage (Tadhg is Gaelic for Tim), music has always been part of Tadhg’s life. After some time studying music in London, Tadhg soon returned to Jersey, missing the beach, the outdoors and the surfing. Inspired once again by natural surroundings, embryonic songs that he’d started writing in London, suddenly came to life and he set about building a band around him.

Check out Tadhg’s latest single ‘Control Yourself’ on our New Music Monday playlist, and be sure to check out what he’s currently jamming on his guest playlist below.

1. ‘Right Me Up’ by State Radio (Us Against the Crown) – State Radio are one of my all-time favourite bands. I chose this song purely based on nostalgia as it was the first song I really got into from them. Every time I listen to it I feel happy and free from whatever else is going on in life!

2. ‘Serve the Servants’ by Nirvana (In Utero) – Nirvana are a band who have made a huge impact on me throughout my life and this song was instrumental in confirming my dis-content with mainstream conformity (cliche as that is!).

3. ‘The Taste of Ink’ by The Used (Self-titled) – The Used were my favourite band when I was growing up and I still love them today. This one’s down to a bit of nostalgia again but also the fact that its just an incredible song. Bert McCracken in my opinion is one of the greatest lyricists of our generation and that’s highlighted in this song!

4. ‘All is Now Harmed’ by Ben Howard (I Forget Where We Were) – Ever since the release of his first record I’ve been a huge fan of Ben Howard and his latest record in my opinion is an absolute masterpiece. This song really takes me away and the lyrics are beautiful.

5. ‘Lover, You Should Have Come Over’ by Jeff Buckley (Grace) – Jeff Buckley is one of my biggest influences when it comes to writing music and the way he managed to portray so much emotion and soul into his music has blown me away since I was 13 years old. This song absolutely breaks my heart.

6. ‘Wild Thing’ by Noah and the Whale (The Last Night on Earth) – This whole album is really uplifting in a strange kind of way and I love just playing the record on repeat, so to be honest, it was just a random pick of anything from the album. I really like the lyrics in this song, so it seemed a good choice… I used to listen to this album on my morning bus in London when I was 19 and I suppose it reminds me of having no worries (not that I have too many now!).

7. ‘Soma’ by The Smashing Pumpkins (Siamese Dream) – Siamese Dreams is an album I’ve listened to a lot over the last 3/4 years and this song is definitely my favourite from it. Billy Corgan’s guitar playing is insane and they always manage to convey this really interesting melancholic kind of sound in their music which I love.

8. ‘Knocked Up’ by Kings of Leon (Because of the Times) – Because of the Times is one of my all time favourite rock albums and I think this song is just genius on so many levels. Caleb Folowill gets across so much personality in his vocals and especially on this track, not to mention the music is great!

9. ‘Don’t Have You’ by Chadwick Stokes (Simmerkane 2) This song is a bonus track from the album, but it happens to be my favourite! The first part of the song builds up so perfectly and then the second half just explodes into this uplifting, dance-worthy track that you can’t help but moving along with and feeling happy when you hear it!

10. ‘Rainsong’ by Chadwick Stokes (Simmerkane 2) – This song puts me into a meditative state like very little others. I actually use it as a means to detach from things when I’m feeling stressed or run down! For a song to be able to have such an impact on someone really blows my mind. The chorus lyrics are really beautiful in particular and I’d love to think someone will go and listen to this song and get a similar sense of wellbeing from it as I do.

By Jaclyn O'Connell

Jaclyn is an equal opportunity pizza lover, and lives in the States (right outside DC) with her husband. She's also VultureHound's Music Editor, so that's cool.