William Wyler’s Ben-Hur. Whether or not you’ve seen it is beside the point. Most people know the name. Most people know it’s a truly “epic” film, in the full scale of the cinematic phrase. It’s got everything: drama, Jesus, action, chariots, people in black face. Oh yes that. Well we’ll skip over that lest it interfere with our viewing on Good Friday when we see who clinched the film rights this year Channel 4 or the BBC?

Did you know there’s a new version coming out? You could be forgiven for not knowing about, production details have been pretty thin so far. What we do know is that Morgan Freeman’s in it. Perhaps doing things that Morgan Freeman does.

A new trailer is here. And it’s spectacular.

Yes Ben-Hur – that over-long, self-righteous story of the humbled general Ben-Hur featuring cameos from his mate Jesus, one of the greatest achievements of 1950’s Biblical Hollywood extravaganza’s is now a revenge flick. The trailer shows a lot of gravelly spoken talk of revenge against Toby Kebbell (an fantastic actor but he already seems to be playing his Prince of Persia role). There’s boat crashes! Sword fights! Morgan Freeman with dreadlocks! A chariot race of course! It looks ludicrous! But at the same time if you’re going to remake a staid classic why not throw caution to the wind and make a Charles Bronson style B-Movie, wearing togas and with a fabulous budget.