Day Old Hate’s EP First Light was released in early February, making this their first chance to tour since then. Therefore, this would be a crucial test of how well the new music had been received.

Tucked away above a rammed bar, The Black Heart felt like a truly intimate venue, the kind of place where bands and their fans can connect. Plenty of eyeliner, dyed hair and band T-shirts could be seen among the crowd who filtered in – certainly not surprising in a place like Camden. The bands mingled with the crowd throughout the show and supported each other, which is always great to see.


The first of the support acts, Painted Soul, was not your typical band. Whether vocalist Cameron Taylor’s outlandish dance moves were distracting or more strangely captivating is debatable, but there was definitely no lack of stage presence. Combining Fall Out Boy-esque vocal acrobatics with pleasing guitar solos and plenty of energy, this was a set that the crowd will remember.

TheCityIsOurs were next up to take the stage, and take it they did, letting loose with their (literally) floor-shaking metalcore breakdowns and perfect blend of clean and screamed vocals. Although based in High Wycombe, they drew a fair number of dedicated fans from London, many eager to mosh and show their love for the band. One of the highlights of the set was an alternative-style cover of Labrinth’s ‘Earthquake’, a surprising but brilliant addition to the setlist. However the final song, ‘A Reason’, felt the most electrifying, encouraging the crowd to sing back the lyrics with much enthusiasm.


Although the energy and intensity of TheCityIsOurs could have been hard to follow, Day Old Hate eased into their set like they were born to headline shows. They wouldn’t have looked out-of-place on a more sizeable stage, given how confident and polished they appeared to be.

Their new single ‘First Light’, from their EP of the same name, conjured up plenty of energy early on in the set, seemingly meant for the stage. If there was one thing to be learned from this show: you haven’t heard Day Old Hate until you have heard them live. The music packs more of a punch on-stage than when recorded in the studio – it’s louder, heavier-sounding and with even more passion. The only thing which didn’t sound too different was the vocals, and that is never a bad thing. After all, nothing is more disappointing than a singer who sounds far weaker than the studio recording. On the contrary, Oliver Swift’s vocals were bold, powerful and true to form.


The pace was kept up throughout the set by songs such as ‘Living Without You’, currently the band’s most viewed song on YouTube and a sure crowd-pleaser, and one of the standout tracks, ‘Wildfire’. The latter had the room both singing and bouncing along towards the end of the set. Even when an audience member managed to fall onto the stage (taking out some of the band’s equipment mid-song), this still didn’t stop the momentum. By the final song, the popular ‘Tides’, a full-on mosh-pit had started, and the energy in the room was electric.


For sure, Day Old Hate are on the way up. This is a band brimming with promise, and there is no reason why we won’t see them filling up bigger stages in the near future.


Credit to BBroPhoto for the pictures.

By Emily Mee

Cat lover and Music Writer for Vulture Hound.