Interview: Ashley Purdy – Black Veil Brides

Rock ‘n’ Roll isn’t just about the music, the whole aesthetic is equally as (if not more) important. Fashion, art and music are often linked together which could explain why so many musicians have also created their own clothing lines.

No one understands this better than Black Veil Brides bassist Ashley Purdy, whose clothing line turns 3 today. Happy Birthday Ashley Purdy Fashion Inc. The unique thing about this line is that it actually is unique, a real treasure trove selling everything from beautiful and edgy one-of-a-kind pieces and branded loungewear to rare items worn by Ashley whilst on stage or in photoshoots with his band and the greatest part is that they are totally affordable. What’s not to love?

We were lucky enough to chat to the man himself.


Huge congratulations on the launch of Ashley Purdy Fashion Inc. The line is really beautiful (and I absolutely plan to own some of it) but who was the first person whose fashion you wanted to ‘copy’? 

I never wanted to copy anyone. I’ve always intended my designs to be unique and fitted to my personal tastes. I tailor everything to myself for fit and comfortability. All designs are a reflection of my individual personality.

Has launching your own fashion line always been something you wanted to do? 

Art in general has always been my life. I’m a graduate of Otis College of Art and Design. I have a bachelors in communication design with an emphasis on marketing and advertising. I’ve always geared my design towards fashion. My entire life and being has always been in the nature of ‘Art’ in some manner.

How instrumental were you in creating the striking aesthetic Black Veil Brides are so famous for?

Very much so. When we first began I would sketch out costumes for what each member would look like or have their own signifying attributes and identities. From hair, makeup, and overall aesthetic. I used to design our merchandise as well. I’ve always designed and created all the stage attire for every band I’ve ever been in.

What inspired you to create the AP line? 

Just a personal reflection of myself and sensibilities. Its another form of Art for me. I separate myself from those who have manufactured clothing lines as my line is real hand crafted custom fashion.

Who is the typical Ashley Purdy customer? 

Anyone who loves Rock, Western, Motorcycle and one of a kind custom clothing. Edgy yet sophisticated attire.

How important is your musical background when you’re designing? 

It all goes hand in hand. I believe that they are one in the same. My art, fashion, music etc. is all “Art” to me, one doesn’t end or begin. Its all seamless.

How involved are you in the creation of the custom pieces for sale on Depop, for example do you do all the sewing yourself?

Its all me baby! I silk screen, sew, stud, distress, customize etc. Everything you see is conceptualized and hand crafted personally by me. That’s what separates me from others. Unique one of a kind pieces.APFI

Can you tell us a little bit about ‘Outlaw’ and ‘PurdyGirl’ and any other collections within the line? 

Those were early lines that were an off shoot from my brand. Just seemed fitting to start there, to cater to the existing market exclusive to my fans. Now my lines are broadened to general markets.

Who are your fashion heroes? 

Lady Gaga, David Bowie, KISS, Prince, Madonna, anyone eccentric with flare.

Where do you see Ashley Purdy Fashion Inc. in 5 years time? 

Its always a continued growth story. Since its all custom based, I just keep reinventing and keeping it fresh. It’s my third anniversary March 30th [Today]. Expect another big launch on this day with exclusive one of a kind pieces!

Everything is now being sold at: