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Twenty One Pilots

I did hear this duo a while back, when iTunes had them as their song of the week. I downloaded ‘Fake You Out’, and enjoyed it a lot, but then kind of forgot about them, oops! But then, of course they have made a comeback on the trusty Spotify with their new single ‘Stressed Out’ and I have listened to it non-stop for the past week.
Notable track: ‘Stressed Out’


My friend recommended this fiery singer-songwriter to me. She produces tracks that I can’t really compare to anything else. It’s so unique, which I love, and I love how different her music is compared to other artists I listen to. Her newest album Art Angels is definitely worth a listen.
Notable track: ‘Kill v. Maim’


I’m loving all these powerful females in the music industry lately, that aren’t connected to pop and the mainstream charts. Pvris is a rock band, with the lead singer being female. They kind have a Paramore vibe about them, as her voice does remind me of Hayley Williams. Their lyrics are really strong as well as their sound.
Notable track: ‘My House’


Another female indie/pop diva. Her new album ‘Badlands’ was released last year, with the well -known singles ‘Ghost’ and ‘New Americana’. Halsey is fairly new to the music industry as she has only had one studio album. Her sound is a quite a relaxed one, so a great album for when you’re chilling. Great voice as well!
Notable track: ‘New Americana’


This American pop rock band have such a happy vibe that radiates through their songs. The foursome consists of three boys and one girl, and I enjoy the fact that there’s a slight variety in there, rather than it be same sex. If you want to listen to new band that cries happiness, listen to these guys!
Notable track: ‘Pay My Rent’


This fella isn’t one I’d usually listen to, but his song ‘Electric Love’ made my ears perk up and I’ve loved him ever since. He’s kind of pop meets indie. With his unique voice I think he is something really unusual, but in a good way.
Notable track: ‘Electric Love’

The Royal Concept

Another happy rock band, but this time they’re Swedish! Although they have been around for six years, I’ve only just recently discovered them, and I am so glad I did. Sometimes you need a happy band to listen to, rather than the majority of depressing lyrics there is out there. I’m all about the feel good tunes. Be happy, lads!
Notable track: ‘Smile’

Robert DeLong

This electronica guy is totally something else. Heard of him a while back with his track ‘Here’ and was unsure about him. However, I have given him another chance and I really enjoy listening to his music. Again, there isn’t really another artist I can relate him too that I have ever heard of, so he is something completely new for me, but I love it.
Notable track: ‘Better Days’


A fellow redhead! She has such a gentle but strong voice which is really powerful to listen to. Her lyrics are really beautiful, and I love that she’s just a normal girl who is really passionate about what she does. She’s only a year older than me, and she’s got this far! Well done girl.
Notable track: ‘Borrowed Time’


I have been a fan of these for longer than the rest, but I still only discovered them fairly recently. I literally listened to their whole album ‘Megalithic Symphony’ on repeat when I found it. Every song is totally different but I love them all. Usually on albums there is one song I’m not so fond of, but not on this one. I can’t even really explain why I like them so much, there is just something about them. You’ve probably heard their single ‘Sail’ as it is there most popular, so if you liked that, give them a go!
Notable track: ‘Kill Your Heroes’