With YAK’s impending stardom reaching potentially astronomical heights, this was one gig that I was eager to attend. I was enthusiastic to experience the group that have been spoken about so fervently over the prevailing months – and I certainly wasn’t let down!

Opening the event were local Cornish band, The Velvet Hands. Low expectations were engulfing the air, as last time, I saw them perform I was left nauseated from a lack of energy or substance. Fortunately this time, however, the guys performed with a dynamism that shook the cobwebs away from my former feelings.

Following on from the Cornish group were Swedish Death Candy, a psychedelically flamboyant act who performed in a manner which resulted in further dropped jaws throughout the venue.

swedish death candy (3)

Incorporating experimental rock sounds, warped vocals, and a contagious stage presence, the band’s performance proved the theory of relativity to be sadly truthful. When they departed the stage, I don’t think one person amongst the bustling crowd would have quibbled over the offer of an encore. If they are ever in your vicinity, then I strongly recommend checking them out, as their type of instrumental ability is a rare phenomenon.

swedish death candy (2)

Completing the noteworthy line-up and headlining the event were YAK, and unremitting rock uproar was the name of the game; a game played forcefully with hunger and fire. With an electrifyingly inimitable sound, the groups verified their ability to leap from convoluted creations to crashing, harsh noise at the drop of a hat – and the crowd lapped up every second of it!

yak (6)

The swelling energy of ‘Hungry Heart’ was accompanied by enough flashing lights to give an epileptic something to complain about, but it aided in giving the event its wild and raw feeling. Similarly, frontman Oli Burslem’s diversity in vocals abetted in this creation. Transforming from gruff lyrics to robust screams, the singer showed us exactly why the band are such a big deal.

yak (2)

YAK’s haughty stage-presence is renowned, so I was firmly prepared for potential fits of snarky arrogance. To me, however, their attitudes represented nothing but appropriate confidence and simply being in the moment. Oli may have thrown his weight around with audience members at the front of the crowd, but isn’t that just part of the experience?

The night was a wonder, and its only failing is that it can’t be repeated anytime soon.

Photography by Craig Taylor-Broad.

By Keira Trethowan

Keira is a fanatical writer/editor from Cornwall. With coffee running through her veins, she can usually be found curled up in a dark room scripting a warped plot, or re-playing an album to the point of death.