I try not to get too invested in a TV show, because sadly I do need to focus on real life and college deadlines, but the following shows have grabbed my attention and quite frankly…. the college work can wait.

American Horror Story: Freak Show

After being given numerous recommendations to watch the show, I finally gave in and decided to see what the fuss was about. Instead of watching from the pilot season American Horror Story: Murder House, I started with the 4th season titled Freak Show. This was simply due to the fact a friend told me that this was an excellent one to watch as it emphasized the bizarre themes of the series. This was evidently clear from the beginning. I anticipated the fact that AHS wasn’t an ordinary series, but I didn’t expect for such strange goings on to take place minutes into the first episode. Now into episode 4 of the season, there hasn’t been a moment where the story line hasn’t drawn me in and this simply sums up AHS as an overall series. Not only is there a gripping story line, but we relate and feel sympathetic towards many of the freaks that live in Elsa’s safe haven. For those who love a bit of gore mixed in with intense drama, American Horror Story is one to watch.


The Thick of It

Again, another fully recommended series so the temptation to watch it was too much. The main character, played by Dr Who’s Peter Capaldi, shows that he is not only a fast witted Time Lord in this hilarious political comedy. The series is based in a British Government department where we follow the cabinet minister in charge, as well as his team of assistants as they try desperately to impress his boss (The Prime Minister’s chief enforcer, Malcolm Tucker who is played by Peter). The series focuses on the stress and tension that lies behind the scenes of the prime minister’s decision making, with the stress being portrayed through Malcolm and his ‘colorful’ choice of phrasing. Malcolm aggressive planning tactics is what makes the show as well as the other members of staff having to simply live with his constant insults. A series that has me laughing and entertained throughout.

thick of it

Gossip Girl

Very different to the others shows that I’ve mentioned but in no way less entertaining. This is absolutely my guilty pleasure and I am not ashamed to admit that due to the addictive plots and the drama that is constantly ongoing between the characters. The series is based in the upper east side of New York and portrays the struggles of those lucky enough to attend private schools and charity galas on a daily basis. The characters live under the fear that a local anonymous gossip site (titled Gossip Girl) is sourcing more secret information about another potential victim; information that will damage and ruin the reputation of many people. What I love about the series is how relatable the characters are, despite living lavish lives and how intense and grasping the drama Is between the characters. Now onto season 4, I am already flying through it due to the addictiveness of it and I can’t wait to see what else the series will bring. My favorite series at the moment.