Good news if you like your pop rock sang through the nose! The Dollyrots have released new EP Mama’s Gonna Knock You Out.

Nasally does not necessarily translate as terrible. If you’re an American skater kid there are few greater soundtracks for your trip to the skatepark to hang with your friends and discuss piercings. Or if you’re a massive fan of ’10 Things I Hate About You’.

‘Save Me’ is musical time travel back to the early 00s, which does work in its favour for those lamenting the state of the current music scene. Lyrically, it’s a matter of style over substance. Save Me/ I’m screaming out, boy/ Low hanging/ Clock ticking is hardly poet-laureate level writing, but very fit for purpose.

Musically, the EP is the usual guitar smacking and abused drums you’d expect from Pop Rock. As can be an issue, the songs sound largely the same. The structures are predictable but they allow The Dollyrots to almost be the archetypal band for their genre. Their songs are inaccessible for anyone rooted firmly against Pop Rock and anthemic for those who adore it.

What the Dollyrots specialise in is music for teenagers who are angry at the world, with no real argument as to why. Singing along with Kelly O’s vocals means a companion for unfounded angst. Everything sounds so profound… until the moment you think about it.

If you do like Pop Rock, the band are currently on tour with Bowling for Soup. It is not the first time the two groups have toured together, so something clearly works with that match up.