We have a good old fashioned supernatural and gruesome case on our hands for this weeks showing adding a bit of bite back into the series, after the comedic outing last week.

A large bin truck moves away revealing a dark suspect figure this does not bode well for the episode’s victims. The lights go out and the figure enters bringing a nasty stink with him, but that is nothing compared to what happens next. His victims, all guilty of exploiting the homeless community in one way or the other, are ripped and rendered armless, headless and legless by the assailant who then leaves and climbs back into the bin truck victim’s limbs and all. A creepy Bansky-esque graffiti muriel of a man resembling the dark figure known as ‘The Band Aid Nose Man’ appears at the crime scenes signed by an unknown artist only as the Trashman. This side of the episode brings the “Monster of the Week” formula

The underlying William story arc returns as Scully receives a phone call from a William but on second glance it is actually here brother telling her the bad news of her mother’s heart attack. She departs leaving Mulder in Philly with a tasty supernatural case to solve. Scully has her own mystery to deal with. Waiting by her mother’s bedside she recovers the news that her mother asked for her estranged son Charlie rather than Dana or Bill Jr, and she has changed her will to turn off her life support without telling anyone. All while continuing to see the name William on her phone upon first glance. Scully’s mother passes but her last words are to Mulder whispering that both of their sons are called William.

The agents return to the case and track down the homeless artist known as Trashman. His art reflects society’s ignorance and discrimination toward people no longer wanted. He says that people treat people like trash, trash we are responsible for that we throw away and forget about. The social statement about the state of homelessness is a symbol of Scully’s guilt and responsibility for William and her need to seek out her son.

In a extremely far-fetched and somewhat flat explanation of the ‘Band Aid Nose Man’ Trashman claims that he created him into existence by meditation, energy and will. This resonates with Scully who’s want to be reconnected with her son has brought him back into her life.

In a what promised to be a very good episode turned out to be a pretty weak ‘Monster of the Week’ show. But its saving grace was Scully’s side story and her ongoing personal struggle and guilt she and Mulder both share at having given up William for adoption.


Dir: Glen Morgan

Scr: Glen Morgan, Chris Carter

Starring: David Duchovny, Gillain Anderson,

Prd: Chris Carter, Grace Gilroy

DOP:Joel Ransom

Music: Mark Snow

Year: 2016

Country: USA

Run time: 44mins