‘My Struggle II’ The X-Files Season 10 Episode 6 Review

Episode six picks up where episode one left off. Tad O’Mally is back and Agent Mulder is missing. We have the mass panic caused by the resurfacing of Tad O’Mally’s show exposing the epic conspiracy that the entirety of the American public have over the space of sixty years been willingly exposed to lethal doses of life threatening antibodies through flu, anthrax, small-pox and any other government officiated vaccination, kick starting a global contagion.

Agent Miller and Einstein return to doubt and question the pathogen outbreak, while X-Files alumni Agent Monica Reyes makes a welcome return with a helping hand to Scully and a flashback explaining her disappearance from the FBI and deal struck with a charred and burned Cigarette Smoking Man. He holds hostage over world, his scheme put in to effect in 2012 to use the alien technology and DNA acquired in the fifties to manipulate, control and choose who will perish and who will survive, herself, Scully and hopefully Mulder being in the elite chosen few. A man sent to force Mulder into accepting this “gift” explaining his disappearance bloodied face and break-in at Cigarette Smoking Man’s house complete with gun pointed at head calling for a stop to this madness. Guess what? He disagrees.

Scully and Einstein discover an antidote using her alien DNA as Mulder falls ill and reports of mass deaths due to the combination of diseases caused by conspiracies of chew-trails, microwave radiation, and biological warfare. The world’s population is dying and so is Mulder, Scully’s vaccine cannot help and the only thing that can is the stem cell cure from their son William who’s whereabouts are still unknown but the appearance of a UFO might be able to help them with that.

Overall it was an entertaining although somewhat rushed episode that struggled to really display the severity of the epidemic and the exposure of the ned of the world. Some of the explanations and history of events left confusion, puzzlement, and annoyance as they have almost rewritten the whole of the entire show. For example the return of Reyes was unnecessary and only existed to re-introduce a former member of the cast and what about Doggit? He played much more of a part in the X-Files that Reyes but remains completely ignored. The whole alien abduction story arch has been de-bunked despite the physical appearance of alien lifeforms, alien bounty hunters, alien shape shifters, alien space craft and the whole show resting, relying and being based on alien conspiracy theories.

After the initial excitement and nostalgia of the show returning to our screens after twelve years has worn off this run of six episodes ranging from mediocre to poor, must go down as the worst in its history. Although the episode returned to the serious aspects of the story it left us with a very weak cliffhanger, and with no say on whether this is the final X-Files case it just seems too little too late and leaves me, as a huge fan of the show disappointed and sad.


Dir: Chris Carter

Scr: Chris Carter

Starring: David Duchovny, Gillain Anderson, Mitch Peliggi, Annabeth Gish, Joe McHale, Lauren Ambrose, Robbie Amell, William B. Davis

Prd: Chris Carter, Grace Gilroy

DOP:Joel Ransom

Music: Mark Snow

Year: 2016

Country: USA

Run time: 44mins