Pat Kennedy – Light Years (The VH Interview)

NECK DEEP and STATE CHAMPS are currently in the middle of a huge world tour, and as they hit the UK a few days ago they were joined by Ohio natives LIGHT YEARS. Vulture Hound were lucky enough to speak to front-man Pat, minutes after they had got off stage on the first night in Birmingham.

You’ve just played the first set of this tour, how was it?

It was awesome, we had a lot of fun, UK crowds are always cool.

You seem to have been hindered by security in terms of doors opening at 7.00 and you being on at 7.15.

The queue was still long, but they are on a tight schedule I guess.

But at least those who were coming into the venue, were heading straight for the stage?

Yeah, as it went on it filled up which was cool, kind of a bummer for some people. We got some tweets saying “we missed you playing”.

How was it to get out on this tour, because I know in a previous interview you said that you were “trying to cope with the fact that we are getting older than most of our peers”…

It’s funny that you say that because we are the oldest band on this tour age wise, we’ve been a band for a long time. It is kind of weird though, because Neck Deep are young guys and State Champs are young too, it is a little strange. We are kind of the least popular band too, which is funny but you can’t let it get to you it’s all about playing music.DSC_0010Speaking of your peers, the Pop Puck scene (in the UK at least) is incredibly strong with bands like Neck Deep, ROAM and As It Is all emerging in the last 12/18 months. Do you think the current stock of talent with help or hinder younger talent and newer bands? What was it like for you growing up?

There is always going to be like copy-cat bands, especially when one band blows up with a particular style. I sometimes think, if I was in high school Neck Deep would be my favourite band, they would be my New Found Glory. So it’s cool to see a band like Neck Deep get so popular, and all these kids that might not have been in a band, as they get old they’ll find their own sound. It’s really cool to be friends with a band that are inspiring kids around the country. I think it’s neat!

You released the album back in November, are you happy with how that came and how it’s been received?

Absolutely, everyone seems to like it that’s given it a chance. We really like it, which is all that really matters: put a lot of work into and it sounds great.

The latest album was made under Rude records, how was it signing for them, because the first album was released on Paper + Plastick owned by current label mate Vinnie from Less Than Jake. Everything good between you guys?

Everything’s always good, every time we get into these deals nothing’s ever been locked in for multiple records which is cool because we can do stuff like this. “This guy is interested in our band and wants to put out a record” sounds good, we’ll do it! On the flip-side maybe nobody believes in us to lock us in.DSC_0048But there are labels that work like that, Fat Wreck Chords only ever sign one record deals.

It’s kind of a Punk Rock thing, with Paper + Plastik we met Vinnie and shook his hand and that was it, no papers were signed, it was awesome. Rude has been super awesome, everything has been great with them, super supportive.

Rude records approached us and wanted to help with our next release.” Was the album already ‘in the can’ at that point, or were Rude involved from the beginning of the process?

We were going to record it regardless, with or without a label and Rude was interested in putting it out. They’d heard our last EP ‘Temporary’ and said they really liked it, so they were like “yeah, we’ll do it.” They helped us fund the record and then they liked it thankfully.

Sounds like they just let you get on with things then?

They didn’t hear it or anything, they were like “hells yeah, you guys are a good band we believe in you” it was awesome.DSC_0061I understand you are “dropping by” Banquet Records for an acoustic show at the weekend, are you looking forward to that?

Absolutely, we actually did that the first time we came here, like four years ago. We meet those guys, and they carry our records and are very nice- I’m excited to go there and hopefully people will turn out.

Reading older interviews- you guys have been around since 2009, but you still get the whole “where did the band name come from?” how refreshing is it to not get asked that?!

You know it’s great, and there’s no Buzz Lightyear joke or anything so that is nice.

Another thing is the myth of your previous employment, when are you going to change your Wikipedia page?

Oh shit, can I do that? The fact that someone went as far to put the joke on Wikipedia, it’s kind of funny.DSC_0078It appears in nearly every interview?

Somebody went as far as to photoshop my face onto a Subway worker.

There’s one next door?

Jesus, I can’t even eat it any more because I don’t want to get spotted in one. I don’t know why that started, and it’s been in multiple magazines, oh my god dude. It’s weird, I hate Subway, fuck Subway.

In terms of the rest of 2016, you got plans?

Yeah, today we announced some East Coast US shows with Four Year Strong which will be great, and then just keep touring and keeping writing ?

Any plans to come back over here?

Not right now, but I would love to. Hopefully this tour will help us.

This is the kind of tour that you need, because these are the type of fans that will mop everything up and listen to every single band on the bill…

That’s what is really cool, people will be like “this is little girl music” but these teenagers have more open minds than anybody and still excited about music, it’s a very cool scene.
Light Years are
currently out on tour with NECK DEEP, STATE CHAMPS and CREEPER over here in the UK, and their album ‘I’ll See You When I See You’ is out now.