The musical soundscapes of alternative rock don’t shift often. It’s incredibly rare for an artist to come along and move musical mountains in a way that doesn’t trigger a natural disaster. This is good, in a way, as it enables artists to prove their innate talents by standing out in the midst of a dozen of others striving to do the same; carving their identities into the face of the alt-rock mountains with the intensity of their sounds.

And intense is the main word to describe Lacey’s latest EP I Don’t Owe The World A Thing. Channelling the passion and the power of early days Biffy Clyro with a blistering guitar track and a vocal delivered with the kind of conviction that would make Aiden’s eyeliner run with joy. Opening track ‘Shadow’ is laden with vocal refrains that scream for singalong to the backdrop of cascading drums and crunchy guitars, while ‘Ghost While I’m Alive’ chugs out a Twin Atlantic feel while the vocals sink beneath the tides of desperation.

But in the midst of the maelstrom of guitars and the brutally beating drums, Lacey show they’re more than just another run-of-the-mill alt-rock band – they’re one with a solid understanding of melody and mainstream take on music. ‘Take Me Home’, for better rather than worse, sees the band embracing a more pop-rock sound and actually sounding a little bit U2… just without the Bono-induced vomiting that often comes as a side effect.

Just because it doesn’t move mountains or reshape soundscapes doesn’t mean that it isn’t a devastating force of nature. Lacey offer only a glimpse of the rich unmined veins of their talent, teasing us with the ore of their creativity as they prepare a landscape-changing eruption. This is only the beginning.


Stream Lacey’s I Don’t Own The World A Thing below, pick up a copy of your own and be sure to catch them on tour with Bowling For Soup this month.