Currently compromising of Charlie, Ronnie, Mick and Keith, The Rolling Stones are THE iconic rock band of the 60’s not only for creating a wave of long mop movements within the hair industry, but more importantly their influence in the rebellious counterculture of the class-bound era and their presence at the forefront of blues music, changing how blues is recognised internationally, forever.

In just under 6 weeks time the world famous Saatchi Gallery will be graced by ‘Exhibitionism’ – an artistic curation of well over 500 personal pieces and unseen artifacts from the music legends personal archive. This is Saatchi’s first ever international exhibition showcasing what critics are obviously calling – “The greatest rock n roll band” So its sure to be one of the must see exhibitions of 2016.

exhibitionism_The Rolling Stones Art_Saatchi Gallery

The show promises to take an immersive and comprehensive insight into the group, and will take viewers through the bands in-depth and fascinating 50 year history, casting an insight into how this hardworking blues band became cultural icons adored by millions.

The exhibition will not only appeal to every rock n roll music fans deepest desire, but will also ignite the artistic senses using a huge variety of mediums including art & design, film, video, fashion, performance and sound, so this is not just a show for the die hard music lover.

exhibitionism_The Rolling Stones Art_Saatchi Gallery2


So if you’re looking for an immersive, exclusive and insightful show to attend this Spring, then this needs to be top of your art show wish list!

You can view more details about the show here:

Tickets are now on sale – Wednesday 6th of April until September 2016

Words – Michelle Siddall

Images – Organic Marketing