The Kerrang! Tour started hitting UK venues last night, and we spoke to Frank Carter ahead of the tour to get his thoughts on playing alongside Sum 41, the British scene and playing smaller venues.DSC_0215
When this interview comes out, you’ll just have started off on the Kerrang! Tour, are you looking forward to playing with those bands and in those venues?

I can’t wait, I’m super excited, Sum 41 are legendary in their own right, I’m looking forward to trying to steal as much of their thunder and fans as possible! Yeah, I’m going to go out there and play with everything I’ve got and hopefully upstage them.

The venues you’ve been playing for the last year, have been a lot smaller. I feel that’s down to personal choice, and not that you couldn’t book them; but because you like a smaller and more intimate venue. Is it going to be different and a bit of a challenge in that environment?

Nah, not at all, not at all. I’ve been doing this for 10 years now, I know how to work any size of venue. For me the reason we’ve been playing smaller venues is just because it was a new band, and I wanted to start it off like a new band. I wanted to play from the ground up, and build those fans slowly, when you are playing to 100 people it’s a lot easier to go out and talk to them all afterwards than it is when you are playing to 1500 to 2000. It’s nice because the people who really wanted to be at those shows were there, and now there are going to be a lot of kids at these shows that have never heard of me, they’ve probably never even heard of Gallows or Pure Love. For me I’m going to use this as an opportunity to go out there and show them what I do and hopefully win some new fans, that’s the plan anyway.DSC_0161The Kerrang! Tour serves to give emerging bands a platform, whilst also having a more well known band playing too. If you were to booking the show, is there anyone you’d have liked to put on the bill with you? You took Creeper out last year, and 2016 is going to be huge for those guys.

It is for sure, I love Creeper. I really love Blackhole, that’s my younger brothers band they’ve reformed and are writing an amazing album at the minute. I really love this band called God Damn, they are unbelievable this two piece big rock band and they fucking absolutely crush it, they sound like Led Zeppelin, I love it. We’re actually bringing them out to Stoke and hopefully we’ll be able to play a bit more with them for the rest of the year because they’re a fantastic band.

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Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes are playing a handful of UK shows with some tickets available, and they will also be over in Europe at the end of the month and early March.