Opens with two young Muslim men committing a terrorist attack on an art gallery somewhere in South Texas. The result is chilling as the topic is still very raw due to strong anti-Islamic sentiment spewed by human ball bag Donald Trump over in America.

Mulder and Scully are met by a younger doppleganger of themselves, Agent Miller (complete with an obsession of the paranormal) and Agent Einstein (complete with red hair and a sceptical, medical attitude). Who inform them that one of the terrorists has survived and is there anyway to talk to him telepathically to stop further attacks

The episode takes a weird turn when Mulder decides to drop acid in order to talk to the incapacitated terrorist telepathically and the worst scene I have ever seen on television ensues as Mulder travels around Texas in a drug fuelled stupor, which features line dancing, pirate ships and bullshit. Mulder awakes with an Arabic word that gives away the location of the terrorist cell and the FBI arrest them.

I have staunchly defended this series of the X-Files against many of the negativity it has been dealt, but this episode is impossible to defend. The terrorist angle was a poor attempt to bring the show into the contemporary and came across as tasteless. The trip scene was idiotic, the comedy was weak and the whole thing just felt pointless, it wasn’t just bad it was awful, avoid at all costs. Episode six better be a classic as this was easily the worst X-Files episode ever.


Dir: Chris Carter

Scr: Chris Carter

Starring: David Duchovny, Gillain Anderson, Mitch Peleggi

Prd: Chris Carter, Grace Gilroy

DOP:Joel Ransom

Music: Mark Snow

Year: 2016

Country: USA

Run time: 44mins