American Horror Story: Slenderman…??

There’s already been five amazing seasons of American Horror Story, all with very different themes. The question now is; what is the next one?

I have already seen a few different theories and fake posters trying to advertise the new theme, but once you’ve seen several different ones you click that they aren’t real.

What we do know though, is that Lady Gaga has asked to return, along with Jessica Lange, who did not make an appearance in the last season, ‘Hotel’ much to our disappointment. Hopefully we will see the usual faces in the new season though, like Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Denis O’Hare, Emma Roberts etc.

So what are the suspected themes of season 6? Facebook has teased me with the idea of ‘Forest’, ‘Village’ and ‘Orphanage’, then elsewhere I have seen the idea of a ‘Slenderman’ and a ‘Ship’. I think that these are all good ideas, but I have a feeling the directors are going to surprise us with something completely different from these theories. Let’s be real, isn’t Orphanage quite similar to Asylum? Village might have some familiar themes from Freak Show, and Ship might be related to Hotel.

Whatever the outcome, I think we will be finding out rather soon, as all the other seasons were aired on FX in October, so if they are keeping to tradition, it will most likely be around the same time. All we can do is wait!