After a thrilling return last week implanting the episode two began with a recap of everything Lucha. We were treated to the continuing Black Lotus saga, Prince Puma’s defeat and Mil Muertes’ victory, which brought the era of death upon the Temple.

A vignette sees Puma and Pentagon Jr in a great little close quarter combat exchange after they Jr says his next sacrifice to his master after tonight’s opponents is Puma.

Mil Muertes once again sits on his throne but this time sporting the effects of Pentagon Jr’s sacrifice with his arm in a sling.

In the ring Melissa Santos introduces Johnny Mundo to rapturous applause and his opponent the equally popular Killshot. The action starts quickly as the two exchange martial arts kicks and equally impressive evasions, it is not long before the action spills out of the ring and Killshot hits a running moonsault over the top rope and basks in the glory. But Mundo recovers and surprises Killshot with a viscous spear that rightfully garnered “Holy Shit Holy Shit” chants. Killshot scouts an End of the World attempt by Mundo and produces four quick fire moves of such devastation the crowd go nuts and even more so as Johnny kicks out at two and a half before going on to get his first win of the season. Johnny then calls out Mil Muertes only be interrupted by a Mohawk sporting Cage threatening to break Mil Muertes in half. Tensions reach boiling point and

Yes. Marty the Moth is back and he still holds Sexy Star against her will continuing to mention his mysterious sister. Who will it be? Marty says soon.

A new challenger has entered the arena. Lucha Underground new boy PJ Black is here in a badass vignette in which he beats up two bikers for no reason but I bet they deserved it. He makes his debut against The Mack in a great match featuring high-spots, fierce kicks

Black is a perfect fit for Lucha Underground his daredevil (or should I say Darewolf) style, high-flying form and stiff kick offence. I look forward to see more of him in the future vs Mundo, Puma, Killshot, well the whole roster really.

Another challenger has entered the arena. Kobra Moon is seen beating up mother fuckers and stealing jewels. You have my intrigue madam.

Ladies and Gentlemen it is time for our main event of the evening. The Disciples of Death vs Prince Puma & Pentagon Jr in a three on two handicapped match. The mis-matched tag-team worked well together trying to out do one another with their elaborate offence until of course animosity prevailed as Pentagon Jr steals the pin after Prince Puma hits the 630 for the win. The two confronted each other resulting in Pentagon Jr attempting to break Puma’s arm but Puma wriggled free and a new feud solidified. The crowd were 50/50 in the decision to break the arm firmly stated Pentagon Jr’s tweener status as a fan-favourite heel proving that he the most interesting character in wrestling today.

Vampiro although not directly championing Pentagon Jr as highly complementary of his former protege hinting at a potential relapse and Ian Watkins again heading to the dark side.

Dragon Azteca killed by Black Lotus in the first series is reborn in a mystery man by none other than Rey Mysterio. A fantastic attribution to the LU roster, like Alberto El Patron he brings superstar quality to the product while firmly fitting into the Latin demographic and exciting formula of the show. Things are definitely getting interesting, more please.