It was about half a year ago, when I first took a listen to the progressive project of Yatin Srivastava The Dream Plays In Reverse. If you haven’t listened to it, it’s all on SoundCloud, and is a wonderful EP of live proggy goodness.

I actually was lucky enough to be at the recording of this set at Café 1001 down Brick Lane a few months ago. It was a oddly intimate gig, in a dark spacious room, the audience all sat rather casually on (very squidgy) sofas. I was curious as to how it would all pan out live – if I remembered correctly the recording were heavily layered and deeply complex. Something which is obviously difficult to pull off without many musicians helping you out! But, I’m happy to say, Yatin, and his band for the night really managed to pull it off, and now its ready for everyone who wasn’t there to enjoy at home.

It’s beautifully mastered – the fact you can hardly tell it is really a testament to the talent of all musicians involved in the performance. It’s also wonderful to hear that vocal line so clear and powerful in new track ‘Take a Look at Me’. Naturally, the guitars live up to their previous recordings stellar standards. Perhaps the word ‘acoustic’ is misleading, but that hardly takes away from the vision of the EP, which is to showcase and prove that outside of the internet sphere the project really holds its ground as a serious working musical concept.

When you’ve got a spare 20 odd minutes, I’d really recommend checking out the video that accompanies the EP, featuring all the tracks, as well as insightful commentary from all those involved in the live performance that night. The EP itself is available for purchase on Big Cartel.

Photo via Echoes and Dust.