‘Victorious’, the new single by Wolfmother, jolts to life in typical Wolfmother fashion – with bursts of very heavy riffage. And whilst the power trio have always been criticised as being another Led Zeppelin/Black Sabbath rip-off, the title track off their new album of the same name flirts more with space rock and stoner metal. Think of it as the unholy love-child of Muse and Queens of the Stone Age.

If you’re expecting the highbrow intellect of Muse and dark lyrics of QOTSA it may be worth looking elsewhere… ‘Victorious’ is knowingly (and gleefully) overblown and ridiculous. It’s like Knights of Cydonia with an even bigger pair of balls, complete with a stadium-ready chorus and even an acoustic breakdown. It’s easy to imagine singer/guitarist Andrew Stockdale grabbing the book of rock clichés, skimming through it then blowing it to hell with a big grin plastered on his face.

The kitschy, gimmicky sci-fi-western music video only adds to the song’s charm by being a perfect visual representation of the music. It asks the listener “Why be Close Encounters of the Third Kind when you can be Plan 9 from Outer Space?” – And I mean that in the best way possible. Yes, it’s clichéd; yes, it’s pompous; yes, it’s cheesy as hell, but isn’t that how hard rock should be? And since the turn of the millennium, nobody does all that better than Wolfmother.

In addition to an upcoming European tour, the band are releasing their new album Victorious on 19 February. Watch the video for the title track below.