What extras are there out there and on the Blu-ray?

We have added some great extras, some of which have already been NASA approved…. I think they’re very amused by the performance behaviour of the astronaut. They approved of that totally. What is profound is that there is no fear, except when you’re by yourself and then occasionally you show it. We also did some viral stuff where I have it shot whilst I’m filming because I already have the actors on set. Once they go, you’ll never get them back so I always do it when they have a day off. We prepare it, it’s written and we have it filmed and you can put it out ahead of the game but you don’t mention the name of the film. So people online, on twitter, really question it. There really is a whole bible of extra material out there.
What initially drew you to the story?

I love the complexity of the whole thing. It’s good to have a film that’s complex and then it’s my job to sort it out and make sure I communicate and don’t get lost in my own complexity. The thing that really comes through at the end, which I hadn’t given much thought to, is the help that Watney needs and the whole thing globally coming together. I thought that worked very successfully. We all need each other.


What does Matt bring to the film?

Oh, everything. I mean Matt’s one of the great actors of our day. He’s also very humorous, I love his sense of humour, which made him perfect for the role.
How difficult was it to shoot the sand storm scene?

It was filthy, whatever you were wearing you were going to have dust in every conceivable part. It doesn’t matter how you cover up, you’re going to get it everywhere. The actors were alright, because they were in sealed suits, helmets and things, I’m there in just a dust coat. It’s hard work with just a propeller, dust and a combination of dust and particles. If you get too much dust you’ll wipe them out. So you need a little bit of dust and lots of particles. That still wasn’t enough so after shooting, I digitally added particles.

Do you enjoy creating strong feminine characters?

Yes, I always thought making Sigourney’s character a female, which originally was a male character, was a great idea. I didn’t realize what an impact that would make. It was the same with Thelma and Louise – I liked these two women. I liked their complaint because we are a bunch of overgrown school boys. I thought they had a definite case to voice, so that’s why I made the film. It was the same with Jessica and Kate. Jessica went to Houston, spent time with a female astronaut, returned and found that the astronauts are so calm and sweet, but most importantly firm – and that’s exactly how she played the part.

Ridley Scott’s Highest Grossing Film Ever Tops $570 Million Worldwide and Arrives On Digital HD 25th January 2016 and on 3D Blu-ray™, Blu-ray™ & DVD 8th February 2016.


By Michael Dickinson

Michael is the VultureHound Film Editor.