Sludge metal duo the body and grindcore/harsh noise sculptors Full of Hell have announced a full-length collaborative album set to release 25th March via Neurot Recordings. One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache offers eight harrowing hymns and an additional two tortured bonus tracks. Additionally, the teaser video for their release is both disturbing and poetic. Watch at your own risk.


Both acts are unstoppable tour machines and joined forces for a massive 2015 North American live takeover. Amidst the chaos, the two groups found time to record together at Machines With Magnets in Providence, Rhode Island. The session eventually culminated into One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache, which is ultimately an audio reflection of their surroundings and their inability to cope therein.

Forged in 1999 in Little Rock, Arkansas and now based in Portland, Oregon, the body has been massively prolific since their inception with a sound that is uncategorized and unmatched. The duo writes and acts as one, a deafening wail against a failing species.

Full of Hell was formed in 2009 in Ocean City, Maryland. In similar ethos, the band has remained relentlessly productive both on stage and in recorded form and has continued to challenge themselves, channeling resonances from across the spectrum of extreme music into a nihilistic wall of oppressive sound.

one-day-you-will-ache-like-i-acheOne Day You Will Ache Like I Ache Track Listing:
1. One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache
2. Fleshworks
3. The Butcher
4. Gehorwilt
5. World of Hope And No Pain
6. Himmel Und Hölle
7. Bottled Urn
8. The Little Death
9. Cain*
10. Abel*
*Bonus tracks

Pre-orders are now available and both bands begin their US tour in April.

Wed Apr 29th El Paso, TX @ Electric Banana
Thu Apr 30th Phoenix, AZ @ 52 West
Fri May 1st Los Angeles, CA @ The Complex
Sat May 2nd Berkely, CA @ 924 Gilman
Sun May 3rd Portland, OR @ Highwater Mark
Mon May 4th Seattle, WA @ Black Lodge
Thu May 7th Denver, CO @ Glob
Fri May 8th Cheyenne, WY @ Ernie November’s
Sat May 9th Kansas City, MO @ Fokl Space
Sun May 10th Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock
Mon May 11th Milwaukee, WI @ Quarters
Tue May 12th Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle
Wed May 13th Pittsburgh, PA @ Belvederes
Thu May 14th Buffalo, NY @ Sugar City
Fri May 15th Boston, MA @ Middle East
Sat May 16th New York City, NY (ABC No Rio matinee)
Sat May 16th Brooklyn NY @ St Vitus
Sun May 17th Providence, RI @ Machine With Magnets
Sun Jun 7th New York City, NY @ Trans Pecos (as part of Apex Fest)

Photo credit: Reid Haithcock