Seafret’s New Video Will Make You Cry Happy Tears

If there were to be a contest for ‘cutest music video going’, acoustic duo Seafret have surely put themselves in the running with their recently released video for ‘Wildfire’, directed by Tom Clarkson.

The premise is a recreation of a study which aimed to test whether two strangers could fall in love – through asking a series of 36 questions and then staring into each other’s eyes for four minutes. It sounds crazy, sure, but who wouldn’t be intrigued by this?! Although the study was initially carried out in 1997 by psychologist Arthur Aron, an article in The New York Times recently appeared which detailed Mandy Len Catron’s experience when she tested the study for herself. Since then, it has been doing the rounds on social media, so it’s no surprise that a version of it has now made it into a (admittedly cute as hell) music video.

The video begins in a room with two chairs facing each other, a table and a tape recorder, a set-up which looks almost expectant and promising. The chairs are filled by various pairs of strangers, of different ages, backgrounds and sexual preferences – but all appear nervous at first, pulling at sleeves and laughing nervously. As one participant admits, “I’ve never done anything like this before and it’s a little bit…strange.”

However, what follows is an emotional journey for each of the participants. There are genuine smiles and laughter, but also moments of thoughtfulness, reflection, and even sadness as these strangers open up to each other about their lives. Perhaps the most intriguing point of this video is that we do not hear any of the the participants’ responses to the questions they are asking each other. We have to rely on their facial expressions and body language, which seem to speak wordless stories.

As the pairs finish their encounters by staring into each other’s eyes, a range of emotions can be seen. Some look embarrassed or shy, while others seem to look…well, almost loving, and it’s hard to imagine that they only just met. Viewers are left wondering exactly what happens to each of the pairs of now more-than-just-strangers, after they have hugged and gone their separate ways. I, for one, want to know!

Overall, it is a beautifully shot video, with some truly candid and heart-warming moments captured and the kind of parallel framing which satisfies the neat-freak in me. The track, ‘Wildfire’, is an irresistible acoustic tune and has something of a Jason Mraz feel to it, exploring the empowering nature of love. “This love is like wildfire,” sings vocalist Jack Sedman – and it looks as if a few romances have been kindled with the help of this video.

Wildfire is taken from Seafret’s forthcoming debut album, Tell Me It’s Real, which is due for release on 29th January.

Seafret are also performing at Stand Up To Cancer at Union Chapel on February 1st, alongside: Kodaline, James Morrison, Dagny and Daniel James. Tickets are on sale now