School of Seven Bells

Pressure is something that can make or break the creative process. Some artists can handle the pressure of the dreaded second album, some can’t. Some acts need to go to Ibiza to produce an album, some need four years to recover and some of them can’t ever face each other again.

School of Seven Bells face a different pressure, the end of the band. The latest School album will be the last one for a tragic reason: the sad death of founder member Benjamin Curtis.

But music can live forever, and ‘On My Heart’ by School of Seven Bells as well as their upcoming album that will serve as a testament to that. A shimmering, upbeat track that is heavy on the reverb and effects that SVB usually pack into their tracks, ‘On My Heart’ is soulful, uplifting and a lovely way to honour the memory of their lost friend.

‘On My Heart’ is of the true dance track variety, showcasing the vocal talents of its surviving member, Alejandra DeHeza. Rather pleasingly, there is no touch of maudlin sadness to this track, just a glittering dance song produced in the memory of happier times.