Attention lovers of cinema and misanthropes who simply like going to see a film free of numpties (spelling citation needed) who check their phones and talk throughout. Curzon Soho is under threat from the CrossRail development in London.

Whilst many a Londoner would argue in favour of the line expansion it seems to be at a cost to some of our greatest cultural triumphs. Denmark Street home to some of the world’s most important music shops and bars has been decimated already, now the Curzon has been earmarked for closure. Whether you live in London or not this stands as a thumb in the eye of anyone who cares about this countries cultural pursuits. The Curzon in Soho is a cherished institution for many from it’s showcasing of world cinema, a meeting place for like minded folk to plan their endeavors or simply for people to get out of the cold for a hot cup of something it’s an institution.

The staff and management of the cinema have created a film showcasing their favourite swears in response to the planned closure. Check it our below and please make your voices heard.

A bleeped version of the film has been classified as a 15 certificate by the BBFC and will play in front of age-appropriate films at Curzon Soho. See attached for a press release on the film.
The aim of the film is to raise awareness of the potential closure and get as many people to sign the online petition as possible.
Today is also the last time people can register their views on the public consultation about the plans so please head to the following link and have your say too: