SABATTA, a band that refuses to be confined into one singular genre, has taken to Soundcloud to resurrect their mournful yet upbeat eulogy ‘Celebrate (with your songs)’. Originally written for the passing of Donna Summer, Tupac and Phil Lynott, it has now been rereleased in order to mark and mourn the death of rock god Lemmy and our creative angel David Bowie, artists that were taken from us so soon into the New Year and who weren’t allowed to go. To put it simply, this tribute is a true gift that speaks to all music mourners. It remembers our fallen heroines and heroes, and collectively translates all our feelings into one song.

It’s hard to describe what these artists mean to us, and a mixture of our sombre adjectives and sentences does not do them justice, yet it is all we can manage. However SABATTA communally speaks to us, encourages us, comforts us, the song holds such ambiguity that we feel that it represents what we can say. The shock, the love and our gratefulness that these music idols existed and brought such colour, hope and love into a world that seemingly shies away from that. ‘Celebrate’ sings to us, the sadness of the acoustic beats, and the sharpness of the singing and rapping. It is wonderful and truthful, and represents that feeling we all have. It also reminds us how these beautiful and eclectic musicians, such as David Bowie created the soundtrack of our life. How to thank them? ‘Celebrate with their songs’.

By Jess Gruet

Journalism graduate and soundcloud junkie living in London. Music writer making her way in the world.