I’ve never been to Stoke for a gig before, I made an exception to finally go and have a quick chat with Palm Reader and see them tear the Sugarmill a new one.DSC_0040
Half way though the tour, hows it been and hows it going?

It’s been fucking incredible, easily the best tour we’ve ever done in terms of bands we are playing with and crowds we are playing to, just the general response and turn out has been incredible.

I imagine touring with a band like Cancer Bats, you are picking things up and learning off them?

We’ve all watched them a whole heap of times, so it’s just getting used to how relentless they are. They do twenty tunes a night, and we do seven! They just hit every one with such furiousity. We are learning from them that’s for sure- stamina and being able to hold yourself out full pelt for the duration of songs. These guys are doing like six weeks with three days off.

*Shane (cap) with Palm Reader*

I noticed that, like the UK leg I can’t see that there is a day off.

No it’s fucking hardcore, it’s great!

What are the crowds like? I noticed tonight there was no barrier which in the States is something they are used to, but in the UK its a bit different.

Health and safety gone mad!

Is that something you enjoy?

I have no particular preference, shows without barrier are more fun and more intimate but if it needs a barrier, so be it.DSC_0021 Last year you played a lot of live shows, and you’ve jumped straight into it this year. Do you have a particular number?

Ideally we’d like to do three hundred and sixty five! However practicality gets in the way. Everybody has their financial burdens. We can only do as many as we can, and we can never do as many as we want. Ideally we’d like not to work, but the way the music industry is at the moment that’s not feasible, with rent and that stuff. We seem to be doing less than we actually were, but what we are doing is much more appropriate to who we are and what we do.

You did five shows in one day, how do you top that?

I keep forgetting we did that! Twelve, five and a half, anything.

Four countries, one day.

It’s doable, I reckon you could do five. Germany, Holland, Luxembourg, Belgium and France, there isn’t much distance between those, then play a banging show in Dover on the cliffs.DSC_0103The album came out what feels like a long time ago, and was well received? You were in Rock Sounds top albums…

That’s always nice to have, it’s not everything, but it’s always nice to have your worked validated by people who know what the fuck they are talking about. These are people that review and don’t review countless numbers of albums, every week and then they go here is out top fifty and for them to say we are going to include this because it is valid and of sufficient quality, considering there are a hundred albums a month.DSC_0187You played a new song tonight, what are the plans with new material because the UK industry seems to be in a position where bands are turning stuff around so quickly.

You have to do that to stay even remotely relevant, and release an album every year otherwise the tour cycle dies and nobody wants to book you because you’ve got nothing to promote. For British bands that primarily tour the UK, you have to, if you are lucky enough to escape to Europe, Asia, Northern America you can put out an album every two to three years, and it’s totally fine. If you are just playing the UK it’s a lot more difficult and it can be savage in terms of “they’ve been away a little while” and it’s actually been three weeks since they released an album.DSC_0123Do you think we’ll reach a point where instead of putting out full LPs, British bands will just put out an EP every year.

It’s already started happening, Protest the Hero have started putting out one single a month and then release the album at the end of it. But they’ve said they don’t really want to release albums any more, and there are a couple of other bands too. Panicking about timings with recordings is just bullshit, on our first album we got Dan in and it was like “nice to meet you, in six weeks we are recording.”DSC_0129You were one of the Bands to Watch for 2015, anybody on your radar for 2016? Anyone you think will break out this year?

Black Peaks are going to explode all over the scene, not even the scene just everywhere. They are incredible musicians, and I don’t think we’ve had a band like that in a while that wasn’t like a shit (version of ) You Me At Six, they are a genuine band that can play their instruments and mean every word they say. I think Yearbook are releasing an album this year. The Heck album is insane, we’ve had sneak previews, it’s really good. Really really good.

Rest of 2016 anything planned?

We’ve got tour and festivals lined-up, but they’re not fully confirmed, but for sure tours and for sure festivals. Writing and releasing a record to hopefully!DSC_0206
*Photography by Kimberley Bayliss – KAFB Photography*