When Miike Snow first appeared, seven – SEVEN! – years ago in 2009, their delightfully blissful music was matched only in the space my mind palace gave it by the thought of just what Miike Snow would be. That unique spelling was like Takashi Miike – what kind of snow would the director of [i]Audition[/i] make fall?!? Then it turned out that they were just named after a fella they knew, called Mike Snow, and just added an I. The music still ruled, though.

Fast-forward to 2016, and Miike Snow have returned “Genghis Khan”, the first single off their forthcoming album [i]iii[/i], and the music still rules. It has bloomed into something far more substantial than it ever was, and whether that’s your thing will make or break it. For all the fears that it would submit to a state of entropy, dance music is still finding new ways to grow, and for all the commercially-acceptable additives found in the new single, Miike Snow still has its trademark sound, but with more durability.

If the 2016 Miike Snow is more commercially-acceptable, then the video for “Genghis Khan” is doubly-so. Full of whimsy and treading ground already well-trodden by Austin Powers and a dozen known spy comedies, it will find a home in the heart of fans of such things, but it is too obvious in its intent for a group that walks a more aurally unusual path.

The video will do its job and bring new fans to the Miike Snow product and, really, their music is not meant to be heard while watching a music video, so long-time and more serious fans of their work shouldn’t be afeared: Miike Snow still make wonderful noise.

Watch the video ‘Genghis Khan’ and be sure to pick up [/i]iii[i], available 4th March on Downtown/Atlantic.

By Alan Boon

Alan Boon is stranded in provincial suburbia. He escapes by watching men in small pants pretend to fight, and motorbikes racing four laps around a small oval track. He has child- and cat-related insomnia.