For a gig like this it’s important to have a strong opening act, when you’re supporting two well established acts both with well established fan bases it’s essential to have the right mix of confidence and ability. The Dirty Youth have just that mix. They took to the stage and from the beginning of their set did just what a good opening band should do, engage and entertain the crowd.

DSC_0023 DSC_0072

Their sound lends itself to the classic rock genre, and I mean that as a compliment. With their energetic stage presence, great look and tight musicianship this is a band that deserves to go far.

DSC_0104 DSC_0046

InMe are a slice of history, founders in the progression of modern rock and a pillar in most rock fan collections.
With their interesting fused Rock sound they incorporate Progressive, Melodic and Technical Rock facets. From this initial musical start, the guys have split off to form further Rock tangents, some more successful than others, but we are enthused to see InMe back at home on a nice big stage.

DSC_0140 DSC_0162 DSC_0185 DSC_0213

The guys are all technical masters, and as much as they really put on a great show; they don’t seem to try to. It’s completely natural, which is the best kind of performance. Each planting their feet like the rock gods they are, InMe are legends, and this performance was one to remember, if any of the crowd somehow hadn’t heard of them- I’m sure now they’ll be devout fans.

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InMe‘s record “The Pride” was released in February 2012 in conjunction with Pledge Music and is definitely worth a listen.


Collaborative Writer: Thomas Miller