London based Hunck finally release debut EP Never Had a Dream today.

After releasing the cassette-only Something Missing EP last year, Hunck have been kind enough to allow those of us without a working tape deck to finally enter their dream world.

Active since 2014 when they released their wonderful and gloomy cover of Frank Sinatra’s In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning, Hunck’s debut consists of re-recorded tracks and demos previously released online. Never Had a Dream EP is the best showcase for one of London’s most exciting and emerging new bands.

The title track ‘Never Had a Dream’ will no doubt be the standout pick for many, but there is a lot to discover over the course of the 14-minute run time. From the boy band-esque pop melody pouring from the opening verse of ‘So Far So Deep’ to The Dandy Warhols-infused guitar/synth line of ‘I’ll Wait’, Never Had a Dream is a mix of contrasting ideas and influences.

However, Hunck are not a band to wear their influences so explicitly. The ongoing shoegaze revival emanating out of London continues to throw up similar fare, but Hunck have released something that stands out from the reverb, hair cuts and twee nostalgia of the East End. The slow, sad guitars and longing, emotional lyrics are all there, but add some killer self-deprecating humour, modern touches and addictive melodies and suddenly Hunck could well be a breakthrough band in 2016.

Never Had a Dream doesn’t suffer from lyrical ambiguity, and as a result is instantly relational. It has the potential to become the soundtrack to some long forgotten heartache or, at the very least, have you recalling the melodies inside your head as you try to get to sleep.

Never Had a Dream EP is available on iTunes on today (29 January) or you can stream it now on SoundCloud. Watch the hazy video for the title track below.

You can also catch them over the next weeks on tour at the following venues:

29/01 Halifax – Arden Road Social Club

30/01 Manchester – Freds Ale House

03/02 London – The Waiting Room

By Daniel W.

Vulture Hound Music Co-Editor. New music and doughnuts on the South Coast of England.