Crystal Cities Talking To Myself

Sydney based trio, Crystal Cities follow up their lush debut single ‘Cut Me Loose’ with a dreamy new track, the wonderful ‘Talking To Myself’. This is exactly my kind of sound. It is such a kick to listen to a band that both appreciates the beauty that the guitar is capable of, and puts it to such great use. The head swims as its gorgeous intro tenderly carries the conscious away. The vocals of lead singer Geoff Rana, soft and angelically unique, surprise and delight as they soar effortlessly.  And while it’s a chilled track that you can just kick back to, in the same breath, it has a tempo to which you can gently groove to.

With its calming yet wistful nature, I can’t help but be fondly reminded of The War on Drugs’s 2014 record Lost In The Dream. If ever there were a track to play in your car, driving down a long scenic stretch of road, your windows down to catch a cool summer breeze just as the sun rises – this is it! It’s simply stunning. Their music has found a new fan in me, and I eagerly await a debut LP.

Watch the very fitting promo visual for this fresh gem below, captured entirely by an iPhone 6, and be sure to keep an eye for their upcoming EP due out later this year.