Photo: Chris Belson/Waveform Press.
Photo: Chris Belson/Waveform Press.

Chris Belson is the new kid on the acoustic scene. On Friday, January 8, he released his highly anticipated debut EP called Moon Songs.

The acoustic singer and songwriter has already been praised by many music editors, from Mat Snow to Petra Gent. While Belson’s musical heritage comes from a cheap and broken Spanish guitar, he’s matured into a unique songwriter and singer.

Photo: Waveform Press.
Photo: Waveform Press.

The first song on the album is called ‘Children’. It begins with a melodic beat that carries you along until Belson’s voice creeps in.

If you didn’t know about Chris, you’d be in for a surprise. He strikes with his deep and affectionate voice. It will undoubtedly become notable as he climbs the ranks of the musical world. If that doesn’t shock you, then the lyrics of this song will. It is an intuitive song with a powerful melody that carries you till the end – of the song. I could have fallen to sleep with this song; in a good way! It’s very relaxing. It tugs at your heartstrings talking about belonging, identity and family.

You can imagine a character in your mind, wandering aimlessly feeling lonely. Belson has been very clever in this respect, bringing familiar feelings to an unfamiliar sound. I’ve never heard a voice like his at all. If I could compare him to anyone it would be Elvis, but that wouldn’t be fair, would it?

The rest of his songs on the EP emulate further feelings of loneliness, longing and loss. His songs are not for the faint hearted unless you want to cry, then they are a good choice.

The second song is ‘The Planets Align’. It’s more upbeat and you can feel yourself tapping away to the track. It’s a great song for walking down the street. Maybe that’s just me?

You can tell that he is influenced by different kinds of music as his songs bring an eclectic mix of jazz and soul with some indie and folk in between.

Half way through the EP and we come back to the soft beat, with the addition of background vocalists on ‘Come To The Window’. This time it feels like I could listen to this when I’m dawdling on the street; or is that just me again then?

‘Dogs Are Howling At The Moon’ is not what you would expect. I found myself singing along to it by the end. I don’t want to say anymore, I’ll let you listen! It’s probably my favorite track!

The final song on the EP is ‘Without You Again’. This song is more melancholy and deafening with it’s lyrics. It rings loud and clear the themes of the EP mentioned above.

It’s a stunning debut EP. Belson is a very clever and talented artist, to say the least. His instrumental music underlays the prominent lyrics. He also designs the cover artwork for his music, adding another string to his guitar!

I’ll definitely be following Belson’s music from now on. It’s the sort of music I’ve never heard before! If you like “different” music then this will be right up your street, like it was mine.

You can listen to the EP on Soundcloud and purchase it on iTunes.