CHAPPO – Future Former Self (Album Review)

CHAPPO’s new album Future Former Self  initially sounds like an absolute mishmash of a record. Like if David Bowie was born in the 21st century and corrupted by social media. It’s crazy psychedelic pop and it certainly doesn’t conform to the ‘less is more’ school of thinking.

Frontman Alex Chappo has created a six-part stop animation to coincide with the release of the record, which is a little bit Martian and a touch of Interstellar set to the soundtrack of poppy-melodic bliss.

Due for UK release on 22nd January 2016, on the first listen the record managed to put me into some kind of there-is-too-many-sounds-in-my-head trance. I was at track seven before I even knew what had happened, then had to go back and start again. Round two was much more successful. This record deserves to be listened to more than once through, and frankly when you give it the time of day, there are just so many things to hear.

Do CHAPPO a favour and listen to Future Former Self in its intended order, none of this shuffle all business. The opening track ‘Hello’ kind of sounds like the soundtrack to a midday movie with dancing animated flower boxes and a slightly nutty housewife – but in the best way possible! It sets a slightly off kilter backdrop for the rest of the record to play in front of.

Track two, ‘Hang On’, is like listening to a log fire burn, just when you think it’s out, the embers will crackle, pop and flare up again. It’s melodic and surprisingly soulful – and it leads wonderfully into the more upbeat track three ‘I’m not Ready’.

I could almost swear that after listening to ‘I’m not Ready’ twice, I would be able to pick it out if I heard a few bars in passing. There is something very distinctive about it, it’s got a little bit of spaceships and a lot of vibes. That could be said about most of the tracks though, there is lots of vibes happening with Future Former Self.

Track six is the next single off the album, titled ‘Mad Magic’, it’s got funky guitars, catchy vocals and the same touch of spacey psychedelia as the rest of the album. CHAPPO surprised me with this record, it’s memorable in it’s own special, space-pop, kind of way.

Pre-order Future Former Self on iTunes or CHAPPO’s online store and check out Episode 1 of a six-part stop animation series created frontman Alex Chappo.

4 / 5