Birdy Keeping Your Head Up

Birdy’s new Uptopian-esque video for ‘Keeping Your Head Up’ has me feeling some type of way. With a mesmerizingly brilliant voice and a video that will be on repeat for most of my day, the 19-year-old musician has truly put her heart into this colorful and inspiring anthem.

The single comes from her upcoming third studio album Beautiful Lies set to release 25 March on which the singer/songwriter co-produced six of the tracks alongside some of the music industry’s most talented producers: Jim Abbiss (Arctic Monkeys/Adele) and MyRiot (London Grammar) while mixing duties were taken on by Craig Silvey (Arcade Fire/Florence and the Machine).

Birdy says of the new album:

“This is my coming of age record. I’ve learned so much in the last few years and have been able to use the many experiences – good and bad – as inspiration when writing this album. This is the album that I’ve been able to steer most confidently and proudly, from the writing to the production to the artwork. A lot of the album is about finding light in the dark and overcoming the times when we feel completely lost.”

Please stop whatever you’re doing and give this video the respectful gaze it deserves.


By Jaclyn O'Connell

Jaclyn is an equal opportunity pizza lover, and lives in the States (right outside DC) with her husband. She's also VultureHound's Music Editor, so that's cool.