The finale of Hotel is here, unfortunately, but what an episode. Liz Taylor and Iris are trying their hardest to run the hotel as the new owners, but the ghosts aren’t making it easy for them.

With the hotel refurbished with new walls and carpets, some reporters check in to review the hotel, but of course they are not there for very long before Sally decides to stab the man with a needle. The other guest runs down the halls and of course, get a knife in the neck.


This is not the right way to give the hotel a good reputation, so Liz Taylor calls a meeting with the ghosts to ask them not to kill the guests. Sally is not happy about this but Mr. March soon shuts her up. We see faces from earlier in the series, in the meeting, who seem to love being ghosts and killing people.

Iris knows how much Liz is missing Tristan, so calls in a psychic to try and talk to him. Liz is thrilled about this until she finds out that Tristan doesn’t want to talk to her. Instead, we hear from Donavan, saying that he loves his mum, and of course Liz is happy for her.


The psychic Billie Dean, then starts filming her TV show in the hotel in order to try and speak to the dead people. We have fast forwarded to 2022 by this point, so a lot of things have changed. It’s helped the hotel become more popular, but Liz and Iris are fed up of it by this point. John returns and sorts the situation by introducing Billie to all the murderers.

It is a heartbreaking moment when we find out that Liz has cancer but doesn’t want to tell her son, so asks the other ghosts to kill her so that he can still visit her at the hotel. Just as Sally is about to kill her, The Countess returns and does the job instead. It is a heart wrenching moment.

There’s happy endings all round as Liz gets to see Tristan again and John gets to see Scarlett grow up and be with his wife and son. I somehow feel it maybe should have been left on some sort of a cliffhanger, but then at least we get to know what happens.