Ash Costello and the rest of her New Years Day brood have had a pretty good last 12 months, with latest album ‘Malevolence’ well received and support slots alongside Marilyn Manson and Motionless in White, plus a well received set at Download last June. We caught up with Ash as the band finally got on the road alongside Motionless in White following the tours postponement in the wake of the Paris attacks. 

 The ‘Beyond the Barricade Tour’ was originally postponed, how is it to get back over here and play in the UK again?

It was a little nerve racking at first, the reason it was cancelled was because when you are in America hearing about all this stuff going on, the last thing you want to do is get on a plane and leave your country where you feel like your home is and you are safe. We were actually in Paris when it happened, so that was a little different for us so we just wanted to go home, so we made the joint decision with Motionless to just let things settle down a little bit, but we are really happy to be back and it feels a lot better.

I wasn’t aware you were over there, which makes it a lot more understandable. I know some bands were getting some abuse in the press at the time for cancelling dates.

We were on the plane back with some of the guys from Five Finger Death Punch and Papa Roach, I think every band wanted to go where their families were and just be safe. You just don’t ever think that you are going to have to deal with anything like that on a personal level and when you find out concerts were being targeted, and some list was posted, it just seem a little nerve racking.

You’re out on tour with Motionless in White again, that must feel like a big family now as it’s something you’ve done a few time before.

Oh yeah, we’ve been doing stuff with Motionless in White for a good four years but I first met them in 2010 on Warped Tour so it’s been a really long time. They’re family, and it makes touring so much more enjoyable.DSC_0010The tour is pretty much sold out on every date, are you getting a good crowd at the start of the show? I know the New Years Day fans are very loyal, as are the Motionless fans.

It’s the same, I think the Motionless fans are New Years Day fans and New Years Day fans are Motionless fans, so there is really no difference.

So it must be nice to play to a full room every night?

Oh yeah!

The tour has timed itself quite well because you go straight into your next tour with Escape The Fate.

Yeah, the timing for that was really good.

How is it to do a full month of touring?

A month is nothing to us, I’d say most tours we do are typically nine weeks. So I’m usually like “oh, I’m only gone a month, that’s not that big of a deal” a month is easy!DSC_0227Does the road ever get to you, or is that all forgotten about when you get out on stage?

It’s true, when you have a bad day but play a good show it just makes everything a lot better, it completely changes the day around.

The new album came out in October, are you happy with how that came out and was received?

No, I hate it! I thought it was horrible! No of course I was happy with it, it was great. It was received better than we could have hoped, critics really liked it and all the magazines gave it rave reviews and fans seem to really like it. I couldn’t be any happier!

Was it hard waiting for it to come out, because the single came out in June time. What is difficult to be sitting on the material for so long?

No, I like doing that. I like doing a big roll out and a big pre-order period, I just prefer that.

The way the industry is going now, although you only put the album out in October I’m assuming fans are already asking about new material?

No, not yet!

That’s interesting, because a lot of bands we’ve been talking to lately are suggesting that things are heading towards putting out an Album one year, and an EP the next and having that ever moving, revolving cycle.

I’m just a firm believer that when it comes to the music industry, there are no rules, no rule book, no regulations or union that is making sure you are going to do something a certain way. With every band it’s different, you get to know your fans and know what they want and expect.DSC_0172You once defined your sound as Haunted-Mansioncore?

It used to be!

Being from Anaheim was Disneyland always a part of your lives?

Yeah I grew up going to Disneyland, I worked there as a teenager, my family worked there, it’s just a big part of New Years Day. Disneyland has a really darkside to it, especially the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean, it has some really dark themes there and when I was a kid I gravitated towards that even from a very young age. So yeah, people see the darkside when they first see us, but when they meet us they see how happy and genuinely humble and nice and normal we are and I think Disneyland brought that into the band.

The Haunted Mansion is one of those rides that has a real cult appeal to it.

Yeah it does, I don’t know what it is about it.

Aiden are a currently on their farewell tour of the UK, and we were talking to Will about the new album, which you were apart of. How was it to be asked to be a part of the final Aiden album?

It’s weird because I remember seeing Aiden on MTV before New Years Day were a band, and Will is actually the person who got New Years Day off the ground, he was the first person to believe in us, he was the one to get us a record deal, he was the first one to put us on shows when nobody else would give us shows, he’s sat us down and given us advice. I’ve sang with him on half a dozen songs throughout the years, so it doesn’t really feel any different. It’s great to have him as a friend, he’s a great guy.

He spoke very highly of you, because I suggested that putting you guys, Motionless and Fearless Vampire Killers on the album was a kind of ‘passing of the baton’. But he spoke highly of you, in that you guys are already established and there is no passing of any baton.

That must be weird for him, because he knew me before I had the infamous hair, he knew me when I was just a kid, writing shitty songs when nobody gave a shit. It’s got to be more weird for him seeing me growing up and doing it.DSC_0008New Years Day will be out on tour across Europe through February with Escape The Fate, and watch this space for more Tour and Festival news, which we may or may not know about but can’t say anything…

*Photography by Kimberley Bayliss- KAFB Photography*