So it’s Christmas time again which means Home Alone 1 & 2 will be shown on almost every single TV channel and quite right too, they were awesomely entertaining movies, but did you ever watch them and wonder what became of that poor young boy? Kevin McCallister was first abandoned by his family at just 8 years old, he had to quickly learn to fend for himself and protect his home against two crazy (albeit pretty dumb) burglars who wanted to kill him.


Less than a year later, he is neglected yet again when he mistakenly boards the wrong plane and ends up in New York City whilst his family fly to Miami. This kid had to deal with a lot early on but kids are tough, right? He probably forgave them and never thought much more about it as he grew up, it’d be a funny story to tell people later on in life.

Either that or, as the first episode of new comedy web series :DRYVRS show us, he grew up bitter and twisted about the events of 1991-2, he is suffering from PTSD, has a psychotic tendency for violence and refuses to take calls from his mother.

It’s odd and disturbing but quietly brilliant. And I just love Macaulay Culkin, I can’t help it.
Check it out.