Tuff Love are one of those bands that make it hard not to be too smug. Knowing about them feels like a privilege and not telling others about them is nigh impossible when you just know that in mere months they and their lo-fi indie-pop will be on the tips of everyone’s tongues and in the entrance to everyone’s ears.

I call Suse (one half of the Suse & Julie duo that make up the Glaswegian band) and she sounds just like I imagine her; with a warm Scottish drawl and a special way of saying ‘P’ (as in ‘EP’) that tempts me to do anything – anything – that will make her say it again.

“Me and Julie met at a party in either 2011 or 2012,” she tells me, “a year before we started making music together. One time a friend suggested that we should start making music together, I needed a new project and also we lived opposite each other which made things quite easy. Julie had some songs already and my previous band had just finished so everything kind of just came together.

Do they get on? “Yes, we get on,” she says, half-chuckling. “Sometimes more than others, It’s quite hard when you’re touring together for two weeks. But we’re really good friends and sometimes working with close friends can be really hard but we manage it.”

They’re a perfect fit however, as Suse tells me. “The reason why i like working with Julie so much is because all the things I can’t do, she can do and – I’m sure she won’t mind me saying – all the things she can’t do, I can do. Like, I can’t do lyrics at all but I can happily record a band, so yeah, we’re quite complementary in that way.”

Their relationship with their fellow-Scots record label, Lost Map, is of a typical indie persuasion you might say. There’s a mutual love and affection there that isn’t uncommon in grassroots independent music, especially with a band this cool. Although the appreciation isn’t always expected: “Johnny (Pictish Trail) had some across some Tuff Love stuff that we’d put online on Soundcloud and he came up to me and said ‘I really like your Tuff Love stuff and I was like ‘Awh, thanks!’ And I thought he was just saying it to be nice, for the sake of it. But then he invited us to play a big Lost Map event in Edinburgh and we were like ‘Oh wow,’ and it kind of went from there.”

It’s easy to forget that – despite their relative obscurity – these guys have supported RIDE, the much revered overlords of shoegaze, and are the sort of band that can count Steve Lamacq and Lauren Laverne amongst their fans. “It is quite mad isn’t it? With the whole RIDE thing I think our booking agent got that for us somehow. A promotion company called Eat Your Own Ears put us forward for the support, which is absolutely amazing because I really like RIDE. Yeah, and one day our manager called us up and told us we’d bagged the RIDE support — basically we were very very exited!”

“I really don’t know what happened,” she says about the support from tastemakers like Lamacq. “I think they were playing us for a while on 6 Music and our label has such a dedicated following anyway so that support really helped when it came down to the listener vote [for Lamacq’s Rebel Playlist, 2014]. Lauren Laverne is so lovely too; both happy coincidences I think.”

After a bit of post-interview research and fact-checking I find Suse’s full name down as ‘Suse Bear’ (pronounced: Susie Bear). No, no, no. This is just some wry music publicist’s idea of a good joke, surely, there is no way on God’s green earth that anyone is called Suse Bear. I cave and ask her.

“Hah, yes it is. Susan Bear.”

For some reason I’m ecstatic, a cool band and a cool name. Some people have all the fun.

Tuff Love’s new album Resort will be released on 29 Jan 2016 via Lost Map Records.

They will be performing

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