She Wants Revenge – American Horror Story: Hotel – Episode 9 review

‘She wants revenge’ is the 9th episode of the ‘Hotel’ series. We get to see more of Lady Gaga as ‘The Countess’, and learn what revenge she is planning against the new owner.

The Countess uses her charm to entice Will Drake and convinces him to be her husband. A wedding takes place in The Cortez, even though Liz Taylor doesn’t approve, in a flash they are wed.

Little does Will know that she is only after him for his money, and that Gaga actually has three men on the go at once. This has me confused because two of them look alike, is there any need for that? I’ve got enough to keep up with in this series, never mind trying to figure out who she’s in bed with every five minutes.

Will is warned by Miss Evers that no one survives The Countess, but, as expected, he ignores this advice. She’ll just be excited at the prospect of cleaning the blood off the sheets when he dies. Just a normal day at the hotel for this one.


Kathy Bates has her own little monologue in this episode, about porn. Definitely not what I was expecting. I can’t help feel her character doesn’t really provide us with much in this series, but she’s a great actress so I will let it slide.

We also get an insight into Ramona Royale’s past, which is interesting. It’s saddening to find out she went back to her parents after Lady Gaga killed the love of her life. She then has to go through the pain of her mother dying and then her father. Of course she tries to bring her dad back to life with the power of her blood, but it doesn’t quite go according to plan.

Then we get reminded of the fact that there is a bunch of kids on the loose killing everyone because Alex, the detectives wife, turned a sick little by into a vampire. Now look what she’s done. I doubt it will take long for the police to find out now surely?

We also get to witness Lady Gaga slap Mr March, the previous owner, across the face. This episode is definitely one of the best so far in this series, but then I would think that because it is mainly focused around Lady Gaga and she is fabulous.

I look forward to next week’s episode to see what the finale will bring. Exciting times ahead people.