She Gets Revenge – American Horror Story: Hotel (Episode 10 Review)

So, we were prepared for The Countess’s revenge in episode 9, and in this episode we get to see just how well her plan worked out…

Firstly, Iris and Liz make a pact to both commit suicide, but before they do, Liz wants to reconcile with his son. His son, Douglas, makes an appearance at the hotel, unknowingly being served by his father.

I feel like Liz is the most down to earth character in the whole series, he knows bullshit when he smells it, and he just seems to get on with things, so it’s nice to watch a heartwarming reunion when his son is pleased to be reunited with him. Iris also makes a video to put online as a sort of suicide note, very out of the blue, who would have thought she had Instagram?


Lady Gaga has her new husband locked away in the depths of the hotel, trying her hardest to gain all his money. She talks to the police to try and report him missing, but of course he walks through the door just as she’s doing her sad wife act. What else would we expect?

Of course we must remember that Gaga’s old flames, Valentino and Rambova, have been let loose. They don’t last very long in this episode. We get mirrored scenes of Gaga killing Rambova, whilst Donovan kills Valentino. So much violence.

What about these children running wild killing everyone? Alex needs to do something about this. She ends up back in bed with her soon to be ex-husband, asking for his help to try and tame the children vampires. They then walk out of the hotel with their missing child, Holden.

I know vampires are known for drinking blood, but I can’t help but feel there is maybe too much blood in this series. It’s like, as soon as Lady Gaga doesn’t like someone or is hungry, she just uses that magical glove of hers and slits people’s throats like its normal. There will be no one left to kill at this rate Lady G! Is she only respected in the hotel because people are scared of her? Revenge on her may be next…